Energy, Courage & Healing

I find myself in awe of so many things. I would love to write them all down, but some of them fly by me before I can properly apply gratitude and others stop me in my tracks, ground me, that I don’t know how to add any “new” words to the events.

Yesterday, Ronnie at Workcoach and OutofmyHead got me thinking, oh, I said that didn’t I? But forgive me, I’m no cook, and I have another pot of vegetable soup simmering and a drum set in my kitchen and Princess Di’s Memorial Concert pouring out with Sir Elton John humbling us, and maybe I may be repeating myself as I do this…..

So Ronnie dared to talk about the different types of energy and how they balance and I said: girl, you are talking to me. Her post read: Energy, Fortune Cookies and Life (yes, I left out Ronnie’s comma, more on that sometime later, maybe).

I said, Amen, Amen, Amen: how true is her post, how much it resonates with life. The balancing and the acknowledgment of the balancing and the presumed freedom to do just that.

We are waiting for Ronnie to post the next piece on the steps of courage to implement the levels of energy…wait with us…I promise…it will be worth the wait.

Funny how Ronnie’s piece led me to Romancing the Crone’s newest piece. And before I tell you how to get there, I must say, the people in Barnes & Noble today thought I was wacked out of my head when I wasn’t sure of the author or the title of some books of the Hawaii method of englightment, balancing and readjustment of justice that she so kindly posted for any of us that tripped over her site.

Ok, ok: here it is: Romancing the Crone on “You need to know about Ho’oponopono”.

Well, imagine me trying to pronounce or describe that in Barnes and Noble–believe me, neither me nor the man at Barnes & Noble with a striped, polo, golf-t were impressed…so here I am, and I will order the books off of Amazon.

Romancing caused me to start surfing to find out more and I came across a blog: Today is that Day with some great resources.

In the meantime, I came across a story in People Magazine, yup, at page 46 of the printed version: entitled: Raising My Sister’s Boys.

A story about a young, young man, 20 when this began, who visited his twin sister’s children in foster care and couldn’t live with the sounds of their tears or his own as he left and he convinced the system that he would be the best parent for them, that despite being a young man.

What I wonder, and I ask anyone out there, don’t we know of any way to help this young man get ahead, who in his young 20s, took on responsibility for 3 children?

Read the story yourself please & hey, namaste, no lie, I can’t yet find an internet link, but if any of you are standing in line at the store, it begins at page 86 of the July 9, 2007 edition.


9 thoughts on “Energy, Courage & Healing

  1. Wow! Thanks for the kind words. I’m so glad my words moved you to thought. Of course, I haven’t found anything yet that doesn’t move you to thought. (-;

    Sigh. Balance is such a huge thing for all of us. I’m working on it for myself moment by moment. Read what Romancing the Crone (great name) says about Ho’oponopono helping with the imbalance between core self and bodily self. Many therapies attempt to get at this rebalancing – some more effectively than others. Ho’oponopono sounds fascinating. I look forward to the second part of her post. Thanks for pointing us to it.


  2. Namaste to you Ms. Ronnie. I am always intrigued as you know by the methods and journey to balance. I remain convinced that when we stumble upon the magic formula, we will be dumbfounded with the simplicity.

  3. I really like that thought. In my own life, simple has always been the most nourishing. And yet I still seem to look for and create complicated solutions. Gotta remember less is more. Please keep reminding me!

  4. Thank you. I’m so glad you stopped by and
    found something you were seeking there. I truly
    appreciate your support. There will be a
    ho’oponopono follow up today (new ways to work
    with it) with some links. Have a blessed day.

  5. Romancing:

    Thank you. I enjoy your visits here as you bring something positive to the atmosphere. I have stopped by your site and started reading the new resources. Thank you so much for taking the time to give us more to learn!

  6. SurfaceEarth, regarding your thoughts on creating complications: I think you are right that there are childhood influences. I also think there’s something innate/biological about how our brains take in and process things. Mine, like yours, zips in a million directions, taking in almost everything I can at once and shooting out ideas. Plus I can see details as well as the big picture at once. That’s a lot of stuff to balance.

    I guess that may come from a childhood need to defend or it may emulate what we witnessed, but it may just be part of our unique gifts. I’ve read that women do this more than men, not that one way is better than the other.

    For me, I think the challenge is learning that I don’t always need to keep adding more. Seeing complexity doesn’t mean we need to create it. Thankfully as I get older, simpler satisfies more and more. I assume I’m not alone in this. But oh how I used to add stuff when I was young…zip zip zip. Even when things were good. Epecially when things were good. Too static, you know?

    But even as I learn to embrace simplicity more, my mind still is delightfully nourished by things like complex puzzles and multi-dimensional mental exercises like this one. That was not something I saw in my home and certainly nothing my mom or dad would have enjoyed. And it’s not something everyone I went to school with finds pleasant. But again, the influences of childhood must play some part. Still, we are the instrument with its own unique resonance.

    Oy! Could I have made that answer any more complex??? (-;

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