A quiet lesson: promises to yourself

I would love to take credit for this beautiful, articulate line of thought, but I can’t.  I can say that I have been thinking on and off about the creation of quiet spaces, taking time from work, noise, electronic devices, etc.  What I haven’t truly thought of, at least not comprehensively, is why is it that we can more easily keep promises to others, as opposed to ourself?

Well, thankfully, tobeme did just that today, caused me to stop while reading his post, to ask myself, hey, come on, why do you find it easier to make promises to others, rather than yourself?  I encourage you to jump over and read the post, entitled:  Independence Day Thinking. It is the kind of post, with the type of expression, that creeps up on you and it is easy for you to recognize the universal message to be decent to yourself and honor yourself, and actually, within a few paragraphs, tells you how to do just that.  Amazing.

What I do for myself is to carve out spaces.  In an otherwise hectic day, in a day filled with people looking for resolution while triggered by a desire for conflict, sometimes the best I can do is to carve out a space in my head, to carve an area around myself that is filled with space.  (ok skeptics, maybe it is dark matter).  But I at least allow myself a bumper zone most of the time, and within that zone I have a chance to breath, think, or let thoughts pass by without grading the thoughts with life or death ratings….and just be.  Even if it is for a moment, it allows me to be closer to who I am.


4 thoughts on “A quiet lesson: promises to yourself

  1. Hi there! Jessica Torrant sent me here. I came and decided to check your blog out. Wonderfully written. I agree with you very much! It is essential that one find their own corner to think in. Great post!

  2. Hello Angela: greetings. Jessica is an extremely talented artist, we have two of her sites listed on our blogroll. I thank you for visiting with us, and hope you come back and share your voice again and soon!

  3. 🙂 Seems like that “independence day” thinking is all over BlogLand! I love it! ToBeMe is awesome…my independence chat took on a completely different flavor, but it ties in with yours..and I just love this: “Let thoughts pass by without grading……” That is THE answer!

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