The Octopus & The Past

Imagine the past as an Octopus.

The arms.

The tendrils.

Extending, reaching into your mouth, your eyes, ears, nose.

Slithering and grabbing hold of your mind.

You stand there,


allowing it to occur,

not caring enough


not knowing how to defend yourself.

Imagine then,

removing the tendrils,

taking them from your eyes, your ears, your mouth.

Remove the Octopus.

One thought on “The Octopus & The Past

  1. Whilst this posture might look unconventional, the achievements of your system relies on how perfectly we make this retraction from the abdominal organs upwards and backwards and on how long we reach retaining this retraction; we have to not fret simply because, even though it appears to be an strange placement, it has only beneficent effects;

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