God & Monogamy

I’m wondering if God has a monogamous relationship with each and every one of us.

I don’t care much for religious thought, Biblical teachings, it’s not done much for humanity all of these years to enlighten us to prevent crimes against humanity or the lack of daily kindness.

I care instead about what I believe is the one and only true religion, the religion of the heart:  open, loving kindess.

Is it possible for God indeed to have a monogamous relationship with each of us?

I read the news and hear the news and I shake my head.  How is it possible?  Prayers of thanks are given by those physically saved in the midst of numbers mounting day after day of those that are unable to thank God for saving them, either because they are no longer on planet Earth or because they have suffered such circumstances that thanks are no longer in their vocabularly.

If it is true that God only responds to some prayers, some religions, some chosen people, then obviously God is not having a monogamous loving relationship with each and every one of us and is favoring some over others.

See, I can’t believe that, I truly cannot get that notion through my thick head.

The only other alternative for me then is:  God gave us the tools we need and some of us fail to use them….That’s what I want to believe, because then there means there is hope and something to look forward to, a greater, better human race that wants to improve.


5 thoughts on “God & Monogamy

  1. Much INsight can be gleaned by asking ourselves exactly what ‘mongomy’ Is and contemplating deeply upon its purpose.

  2. Considering that monogamy is generally thought to describe a SEXUAL relationship between individuals- your post is very amusing…

  3. Sue: Thanks for stopping in. Based upon Matt’s comment below, the amusing aspect of using the word monogamy, I guess I should explain myself a bit better.

    Yes, the use of the word monogamy was a play on words, the idea being, does God have an equal relationship with all of us? Sue, you have an interesting blog in the works, we are still working through your posts!

    Matt: Thanks for stopping in and for taking the thoughts of the post to the next level of questioning.

  4. Greetings. I am a brand newbie when it comes to blogging, so I ask for Patience and Compassion for any screw ups! The concept of ‘monogamy’ relates to Property Rights. There is nothing Spiritual or ‘Godlike’ about it. Possessiveness and jealousy are expressions of emotional insecurity issues.

  5. 🙂 Welcome Sue.

    Yes, it was perhaps a different choice of words, but at one time, all words had to be defined and over time expanded, it was the closest word I could find to the question.

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