Hope is a glorious word.

I don’t want to give you links.

I don’t want to give you anything outside of yourself.

Hope is a glorious word.

It has the energy of food, of money, of …. well, of hope.

When we are without hope, it is easy to know, it is a vast desert of despair, when we regain that light, that glimmer of hope, the universe shifts, and shifts again.

I know hope.  I also know the lack of hope.

I wish upon all of you to find your hope, and to hold on.


5 thoughts on “Hope

  1. An absolutely perfect post. One that emerges so elegantly from the silence. A seemingly simple wish that can touch so many. I can tell you it touched at least one for sure. I will pass it on.

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  3. Bless you, SE. Hope is everything.
    Without it we lose everything. I too
    have languished in the lack, but
    realized I could not survive without
    it. Your beautiful message is here
    as a blessing upon all who read it.

    Thank you! Your wish for us,
    and your message is the living
    embodiment of hope.

  4. Hope is what I feel every time I see a new sunrise. THANK YOU, friend, for helping us to remember that as long as we’re breathing…we have hope!

  5. (Romancing) how refreshing your words are, it is as if a warm light enters the space where you have been. As Ronnie says, let’s keep passing on the message of hope. Namaste dear friend.

    (Phoenix) Amen sister, Amen, the space where hope has carved its loss, has been carved to be filled again.

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