I’m done being a woman…

That’s it.




You got that?

Ok, ok, I’m done.  Most of you that step over here quite often are used to me stamping my foot.  Truly though, I wondered today, suppose I said:  That’s it?  I’m done with my role as a woman?

I work, I love, I care, I clean, I keep track of appointments, I blog for God’s sake.  I do and do and do.

Oh, here we go, my evil twin has arrived:  “You think you do so much?  Imagine living without electricity?  Imagine having no food, not just all the food you desire?  Imagine working from sun up to sun down and beyond simply finding enough water for washing?”  Her voice goes on and on.

Yes, I have an evil twin.  Anytime I get tired or want to moan, she shows up, banging at the door.

I may as well let her in…she never stops knocking.

But hey, you out there, have you ever experienced that?  You simply don’t want to be polite, demure, kind, caring, and all the other words that we strive to embody as women?

I want to be the Goddess of Thunder.

Seriously, go read Romancing the Crone’s post on this, you will see what I mean:  Words of an Ancient Goddess.


16 thoughts on “I’m done being a woman…

  1. I’m pleased (OK, thrilled) you
    found the words of Thunder, the
    Goddess voice discovered in the
    ancient Nag Hammadi transcripts,
    as profound and as significant
    as I did.

    The age of the transcript and its
    mere existance are highly

    The words are ancient, yet
    timeless, for She is the Voice
    and plight of women throughout
    time, up to current day.

    This post rejuvenates me. It
    quenches the soul to find a
    kindred spirit.

    Thank you, Surface Earth. Go for
    it! We are all the Goddess of
    Thunder. She is every woman,
    whether every woman is aware
    of it or not.

    Very soon, I will post what the
    words of the unidentified female
    in Goddess voice, meant to me.

  2. MotherWinterMoon!!!

    Looking forward to seeing more over at your site on this, especially your words on what it meant to you.

    It is so entirely fascinating, the find alone is incredible, but the strength of that voice, the actual thunder of the words is amazing and infectious.

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  4. Ever read about Lilith, Adam’s FIRST wife? Who left him because he was being an asshole?

  5. (((MotherWinterMoon))) Thank you for the reference to our post above! Truly enjoyed your expression, interpretation of the Goddess of Thunder on your new post!

  6. Grinning…the story as published in ‘The Bible’, as Genisis, came from a previous story in Hebrew text. Not all the story was borrowed. Only some of it. (winking) What IS left over in Genesis, as published, are two different references to God creating Man & Woman. The firtst reference is ‘he created them as equals’, the second reference is the one where ‘he created her from a rib, to stand beside him.’

    There’s a WHOLE lot to the story, that was left out. Like what happened to the ‘woman’ that was created as equal? Well…she left Man. Because he insisted on dominance.

    Adam, pleading with ‘God’ to make her return, sent two ‘angels’ to tell her…that ‘God’ was going to kill 100 of her children a day until she returned. She refused. As the story goes, she chose to hang out around the dead sea and have sex with demons.

    Check for yourself. Just Google the name “Lilith’.

    In estoeric literature, she is referred to as ‘dark moon Lilith’. She represents our subconscious, our intuition and is said to be the undermining influence of our lives.

  7. Yes. According to legends, Lilith
    was created first before Eve. But
    she refused to submit to Adam and
    “lie beneath” him in intercourse, proclaiming they were equal. Many
    feminists uphold Lilith as the
    first feminist and independent
    woman, refusing to be subordinate
    to man. The Lilith Fair was named
    after her as a strong, independent
    woman. Feminists belief Lilith
    was demonized in patriarchal
    religious texts for being a
    strong, independent woman
    who demanded equality with Adam,
    and split the Eden scene when she
    didn’t get it. It is believed
    in feminist circles that she was
    demonized to present strong,
    autonomous women in an evil light.

  8. (motherwintermoon) You too? I keep writing outside the box, too! Then there’s a part about the animals…it was after Lilith left that Adam and God went through the naming of every animal. The story goes that Adam tried several of the female animals but was never satisfied. That’s when ‘God’ created a companion for Adam.

    I guess that it explains why a man’s sex life consists of 20 years of normalcy, 10 years monkeying around, 10 years making an ass out of himself and 10 years lion about it.

    It’s only when we are in denial of our Spiritual heritage that we have the emotional issues that lead to a pattern of relating as unequals. Lilith knew this and knew…

    that the ‘god’ of Adam, was no Creative Presence at all. The threat of killing 100 of her children a day, revealed the kind of substance of character this ‘god’ had. And it wasn’t a Loving one.

  9. Wow, wow, wow!

    Thank you Sue and Wintermoon!

    So much to learn, so much to read, my readings, at least in my memory, never lead me to learn of Lilith. Oh, I could say, yes, yes, that sounds familiar now, but it doesn’t, only her strength and independence ring as something I know.

    This entire enlightening exchange again confirms to me the many layers of living, the existence of dimensions far beyond our knowledge or remembrance, how individual perceptions or learned knowledge truly do create separate worlds among people………

    Absolutely fascinating.

    btw: Sorry about the comment Box Size, had no clue it was hampering responses and we don’t want to miss a word!

  10. Surface Earth, you must be using
    Internet Explorer? If you view the
    comments in Firefox the words run
    over into the 2nd sidebar closest
    to the comments, making them harder
    to read. No problem tho. We all love
    you too much to let a little thing
    like that stop us!

    Oooh. I love what you say about the
    Lilith discussion. Your innate
    knowledge is a gift.

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