Where is God? Plane crashes in Brasil…

Tonight, I surfed the news, coming across a story on CNN regarding a “news break”, a new Brasilian plane, some reports say carrying at least 150, another saying 170, that went off the proscribed runways, across a highway in South America’s allegedly biggest city, and slammed into a gas station.

Do you know how dense Sao Paulo, Brasil is?

What is would mean to see and know a plane had gone out of control, out of its boundaries, into your safe haven?

I know there are countless stories I can turn to right now, to ask, Where is God?

But, this is the one I have chosen.

CNN reports

Firethegrid? Prayers for the universal good? Sure, I’m in with it…I want it to work though, I want our prayers to work instantaneously.


12 thoughts on “Where is God? Plane crashes in Brasil…

  1. God was right there on that plane. Maybe ‘death’ is an issue that has much fear and judgment?

  2. Before anyone imagines I am some how lacking in Compassion, for well do I know the mental patterns we’ve been taught, I have been gifted with many opportunities in my life, facing death. And there’s something I KNOW, beyond any doubt but it’s going to be challenging to convey. Because I’ve got to walk through a mind field of many triggers to get there. So I tread as gently and as lightly as I am able.

    My first experience came with the burial of my father. I was the last to view his casket. I had imagined I was going to use the opportunity to give him a kiss ‘goodbye’. But as I stepped up to close the lid, my stomach turned. There was nothing about the dried out and leathery carcass dressed up as a sick parody of my dad, that I really wanted to touch, much less kiss.

    My father was not there.

    That’s when the Truth sunk in. It was Life I loved, not the container it expressed itself through.

    I looked around the chapel. I was surrounded by Life. I looked outside the window, Life abounded outside, too. And that’s when the realization hit me. It was not ‘mourning’ over the loss of my dad I felt. It was his Love. Overwhelming in its intensity, because that was the first time I had ever felt it directly. When all illusions of our seperation were gone.

    Things are not as they appear through our filters of fear.

  3. ((( S.E. ))) I understand. Truly. These stories are heartbreaking. It’s a gut wrenching state of affairs for sure.

    Here’s what I do to try to keep perspective on this.

    First is, I try to stay away from the slippery slopes of, by intimation, declaring that God is ‘absent’ or doesn’t care when these sorts of tradegies happen. This smacks of projecting humanesque emotion and intelligence onto Something that is so much MORE than we are. God is not a human.

    We are looking through a glass darkly, as they say, seeing only one tiny minute piece of the overall Plan. For all we know, that plane’s crash – in all it’s destruction – might still have been far worse than it could have been. We simply must trust the process…I must….and believe that life unfolds exactly the way it is meant to for each and every person.

    God is in each of us. THe people on that plane. The ones on the ground. The rescue workers, the newscasters, the volunteers, the families. God is in the airplane, in the ground, and in the sky. There is no place where “God” is not!

    God is in you and I, my sweet friend, believing – in spite of even horrible death – that Love is still the answer, and that the cyle of Birth – Death – and Rebirth is not without purpose or divine attention.

  4. (((Sue))) Thank you so much for your thoughts and your expressions of thought. Not for a moment did we think you were lacking in compassion, I thought, in your first comment that you readily and simply put down what is a platform of faith, God is everywhere, or the Divine Spirit or whatever other names we put to that which is universal.

    Faith can become challenged when we view this world with a view of death as an exit to nowhere, the lack of unshakable faith due to luck, upbringing, natural make up or other experiences, causes people like me to ask: Where is God?

  5. (((Grace!))) How very beautiful you discuss that regarding that it is all love…I agree we view the glass darkly, it reminds me, if we are lost in the woods, does it mean there is no way out or do we simply not know the way? I am a believer that there is so much we don’t know, whether because our focus is off, our training off, etc., but from a limited perspective, in a society where fatality is deemed to be the end to what we know, wouldn’t it be lovely if we could visibly see our exit and entrance ticket to the next cycle clutched in our sweaty hands?

  6. (((Tobeme))) I agree! So easy to keep switching channels, surfing the news, or driving through different areas to see how many things are horrid and continue to be horrid for people. I for one am in favor of a instantaneous enlightening awakening for all!

  7. ((( SE ))) I have to believe (emphasis of ‘have to’) that when we are on the Spiritual plan, we ‘GET” all that happens here!! You know what I mean? So for me, the answer is we know the way, but sometimes we ..forget.

    Hey, did you get your notice about the Deeksha on Saturday night???? I’ll be in Vegas for a conference, but I’m going to try to make it!!

  8. Your sorrow is my sorrow. I feel
    the depth of your question and compassion.

    I ask this question each time I see
    yet another tragedy, children
    starving to death and ravaged by
    disease, people suffering horribly,
    and the countless human-to-human
    atrocities on the news.

    What to say? I pray, and fire
    grids in many venues of collective
    prayer with people of many faiths.

    Power in collective prayer is a
    common thread in every faith and
    system of belief. It’s certainly
    worth giving it all we’ve got
    whenever and wherever we can.

    I cannot answer your “Where is GOD?” question, so I send you love, appreciation, and (((hugs))) instead.

  9. Grace…I too have to believe that we do get it, again and again, I figure it must not be much different from being lost in a country not knowing the language or having a map…in other words, foreign until known.

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