Tobeme a/k/a The Naked Soul today wrote a piece on The Magic of Life.

Now granted, I am a fan of his blog and often come away with something that makes me continue to chew, in other words, I rarely fully digest the words and spin them over, wondering as to the many paths, the many intuitions, the abundance of wisdom.

Today, I found myself again on the Naked Soul blog because I enjoy it.  Now days before, maybe just 1.5 or two, but I’m thinking less than two, I was challenging myself, asking myself:  What, what?  what is it you are seeking? What do you want?  What do you hope to achieve?

It came to me:  Magic.

I wanted to live within and know magic.

Not sorcery, no dark arts, but just plain and simple, knowing the undercurrent which causes all other things.

It could be termed so many different ways:  spirituality, Deeksha, Kaballah, Mysticism, Christian or otherwise, Paganism, Celtic Mythology,  etc.

What stopped me in my tracks as I thought down this road, is….were the alleged witches in Salem County doing anything differently?  Searching and wishing for something different?  Perhaps even for some possessing the inner knowledge?  And I thought, no, no and no.  And then I felt what only a shade of what it must have felt to be so accused, so damned, for simply searching for knowledge.  And know, it can happen yet again and does happen, day after day.

Now, I feel like the voice behind the cloak, the heavy hood, perhaps a signboard around my neck and a bell tolling in my hand, crying along the streets:  The End is Near.

It’s not what I intend, not what I want, certainly if I believe in manifestation, not what I should think about for even a moment….yet…I do.

Ok, ok, I have awhile yet to go to clear out the ego, to detach myself before I am free from such limiting thoughts…in the meantime…I am here, still questioning on this level.

I still want the answers, the bare bones, stripped to the core, pure beyond purity solution to what we all live and breath:  life and faith, humanity, how to get to the next level.

If I was playing a video game, I could consult a manual, a blog with tips, whatever, because we could get to the source of design of that one game, but, if we get to the source of design of this game, our game, will we get our answers?  will we be empowered or will we still be operating on blind faith?


18 thoughts on “Magic

  1. This is such an interesting subject. You have raised the question and desire which many people struggle with. We want the answers, we want to understand the invisible, we want to know “the ultimate answers”! In other words we want to arrive! Yet, we are not sure where the arrival point is. This unknowing compounds are frustration!
    In my simple way of thinking, we must not focus on where we are going or stive to know all of the answers. The answers are all here for us and they are revealed to us as we are ready for them. Our journey is not about the destignation, it’s not about knowing everything, it is simply about the journey, it is simply about “being”.
    I love your thoughts. You inspire me! Thank-you for being there and asking these questions. You my friend have a great impact on this Universe. I love the path that you are on!

  2. Great post SE. Your quest is a gift to all that come upon it.

    Magik. So misunderstand. Pagan magik, mystic magik, esoteric religious magik, it all exists as a means to spiritually connect, awaken, and enlighten humankind.

    All for the same purpose…attunement to the answers to the questions on the perpetual quest.

    Magik abounds in our daily lives. Some just don’t understand when they’re engaged in the midst of it.

    Prayer and collective prayer are simply forms of religiously “acceptable” mainstream magik, as are many mainstream religious ceremonies.

    The witch killings were largely exercises in misogynist femicide. Throughout Europe, approximately 75-80% of those savagely tortured, convicted of witchcraft, and
    sadistically put to death, were women. A majority were women over 50. Crones, wise women and herbal healers.

    How very fortunate we are to be in our time and our geographical place.

    Perhaps we have the answer, but we don’t know the question.

    Have a magical day, MW

  3. Very interesting MotherWinterMoon.

    First, because when I first started to type this post, the title was simply: Magik.

    Secondly, because you ask something I must still sit and think about: “perhaps we have the answer…”.

    Could it be?

    Could that be the struggle?

    Not knowing the question?

    Agh, of course, the question is no different than the answer, perhaps we, or I, am not asking the right question, and without the right question, I cannot recognize the answer.

  4. Wow, what wonderful questions. I ostensibly gave my magical practice years ago. What really happened as long before I heard of manifestation, or believed that Divine power could be accessed, I did begin a practice of faith. In the sense that I was sure the Universe would provide for me what I needed, when I needed it and just how I needed it to come.

    Magic as practiced today is primarily concerned with “things”, and sees the source of your power as outside yourself.

    I hope you can find your answers, and share them with the rest of us. Perhaps choosing a Sabbath day to devote time and study to this every week would help.

  5. Sibbia:


    I like what you have written. The “magic” I think of is spiritual in nature, connected, for me to God.

    Very interesting you suggested continuing to learn on a Sabbath day…feel free to expound…

  6. Hmmm…Methinks I must respond to this topic of spiritual magik (they way it’s spelled in Paganism and Mysticism to differentiate from stage magicians and stage magic), in a post on my webspace. There are so many misconceptions about Paganism and spiritual magik, that I feel I must attempt to elucidate.

    Blessings for a magikal and magical day, MW

  7. In the book & movie, “what the Bleep”, it is emphasized to ask great questions. An example given was, “what is the marital status of the number 5?” To which I respond, “The number 5 is married to the shape tetrahedron.”

    My Husband once told me I should give away my secret formula for miracles for free, just charge a heck of a lot for postage and handling. I expressed to him at the time that I didn’t know I had any formula, secret or otherwise. Then he quoted my own words back to me.

    “Values I carry with me where ever I go.”

    He sure did stop my protests dead in my tracks, for sure enough, those are my words.

    Look at them carefully.

    At one time in my life, I would have made a list like money, credit cards, debit cards, safety deposit box key, etc.

    Now my list is of such values as Compassion, Tolerance, Acceptance and, Understanding. Things iof Vaalue I carry with me where ever I go.

    Now I actually HAVE, where before…I only could get. “Getting” and “having” are not the same.

    What some may consider ‘miraculous’ is really very simple. Simple but, not easy.

    Whatever lack among these Virtues, these inner strengths of character, we express, is exactly what we attract to us.

    “The outside reflects the inside.”

    When we feel the need ‘to get’, we are acting on a feeling of lack. This lack is what we are sowing, in our mind and in our heart, so this lack is what we’re going to reap. Over and over and over until we catch on.

    But “having” is different. When I transferred my sense of Worth, my sense of identity, Self Esteem and Self Respect to genuine qualties of character, I tapped into wealth beyond measure. Now as I sow, I sow different. I sow ‘have’. I sow ‘enough’. And I reap ‘having’. I reap ‘enough’.

    What if……?

    All that we perceive as ‘evil’ is just there to provide us with the incentive and motivation to start pulling our Divine Spirit forth out of our hearts and into expression? How many opportunities do we see where ‘Compassion’, ‘Tolerance’, ‘Acceptance’, ‘Forgiveness’, ‘Understanding’ and ‘Mercy’ could come in handy?

    The moment we change our Value system, from things of a transient nature to qualities of an eternal kind, is the moment miracles start happening.

    The key to the outside resides inside.
    The secret it unlocks is
    There is no outside.
    The Will of Creation
    is expressing the inside

  8. I am curious what Sibbia means by magik being primarily about “things,” and sources of power outside oneself, as respectfully speaking, neither is what spiritual magik is about. Best witches,:) MW

  9. Yes, I knew there was a difference between the spellings but for some reason it did not matter a great deal to me, I just know my first instinct was to spell Magic as Magik.

    There is nothing more magic than our faith, I think it is the unwavering faith that opens the doors to everyday miracles and my journey has been one of a faltering, wavering faith, hence the questions.

  10. I cannot say I care how it’s spelled, I just understand why the K is often used to differentiate it from illusionist stage magic, sleight of hand, and palor tricks. There’s even a numerical significance to the letter K. (In the new What is Magick? post). Interesting that your first instinct was to spell it with a K. Instincts are always significant.

    Magic, Magik…it’s all good. There is both in everything, even in the faltering and wavering we each wobble through. Life is both. Your journey will always be blessed with everyday miracles because you know they are there. The doorways are yours to find and open. Surface Earth, starlight becomes you. MW

  11. 🙂

    You are a treasure MotherWinterMoon and the k or the non-k has deeper signifigance to me, which may become a post at some point. Funny how intuitive you are!

  12. The post is great, what’s even better is the discussion beneath. I find that most of my time I’m searching for answers to questions I’m not even sure are relevant. Even in the midst of it all I also find myself fighting with the understanding or the weighing of differences of the importance of my spirituality and having to juggle with the modern world’s demands. Yet, even though it’s understood that I have choices. I find that my choices and obligations never have a fine line.

    But the one thing for me that stands true is that I need magick in my life. I run to it in times of need, happiness and sadness. I look to my faith and blindly as it maybe it’s there. And answers revealed sometimes in ways I can’t explain but are just there.

    It’s true, life didn’t come with manual. (and the one for my kids got lost from But, as simple as we would think a manual would be. I think we’d have more questions. It’s our nature. and nothing says you can’t take the time to ‘tap’ into the universe have a discussion about your questions. I wish you luck on your search. Keep us posted on the progress…

  13. Scarlet!

    Lovely of you to stop in and adding so much to our discussion. Thank you!

    Funny, you say if we had the manual we may in fact then have more questions. I am stomping my foot on the ground! I have always wanted the “manual”, the book of answers, but I smile, you are right, it would simply be the next level of learning.

  14. Many religions have a Sabbath day. This is the day you go to church or some other place of worship.

    When I was a more average, church going Christian, I’d been given a list of things I couldn’t do on the Sabbath (sunset Friday to sunset Saturday).

    I found the limitations confusing and annoying and was happy “to be done with” the Sabbath many years later.

    Now I’ve better come to understand what I wasn’t taught earlier. The PURPOSE of the Sabbath day was to give us time each week to focus on God.

    That’s what I meant when I suggested you choose a Sabbath day. That you might find yourself better prepared and more productive if you set a day where you will not work or concern yourself much with ordinary day to day things and instead focus on getting closer to God.

    Hope this explanation helps… (sorry it’s so very delayed!)

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