The Laws of Attraction continued…

Do the Laws of Attraction shift depending on where you are?

The best and most pure answer is “no”, a resounding “no”, because the Laws of Attraction are just that, tools to drive beyond the present. Now, some may argue with my characterization, that the Laws of Attraction are in fact steeped within the now, that when you speak of it as attracting the future, you forego where you stand.

That is relevant and to be further discussed at another time, but, I am more interested in WHO you are when you attempt to invoke the Laws of Attraction.

Can the theory in fact work no matter who you are, which is the same as saying, no matter where you stand?

If I stand within a burning building with the perception of away out, people I love around me, does it give both me and them a bridge? Is it like what Doby can do when he dissipates in the Harry Potter series? Are there different levels of magic/magik depending on what species you are, in other words, where you stand?

I don’t know. I question though because I am fascinated with the subject. I am also fascinated with the Oneness Movement, for many reasons, but primarily, because if you believe its power, it has the ability no matter where you stand or who you are to elevate you nonetheless.

Yet, it seems to have an ingredient: what is it you hold in your heart for yourself? Do you truly want to ascend?

Again, the strength of awakening, of miracles becoming ordinary, appears to come hand in hand with the strength of faith, or perhaps for those of us who waver despite overt signs, the ability to give it up anyway.

Thanks ToBeMe for inspiring this line of thought.


30 thoughts on “The Laws of Attraction continued…

  1. I have some serious issues with the “Law of Attraction” as it’s commonly and popularly presented. I posted about it once, maybe in my old blog. I will have to look for the post and repost it in my current blog, as my issues with it are too lengthy to explain in a comment.

    I appreciate, as always, your thought-fullness and thoughtfulness on the topics you write about. Your good intent and good energy imbues your posts. Enjoy this day, MW

  2. 🙂 I have my own issues with LOA. For example, by definition, a law of nature – like the Law of Gravity – is repeatable over and over again, without fail. It’s scientific.

    And yet, LOA – while ‘called’ a law, doesn’t really work like that. You know what I mean? Not only that, but there are other ‘laws’ that impact us all that we would do well to keep in mind when we’re busy ‘attracting’ stuff.

    Hey SE! I really need to get back into the Oneness thought. Last time I received it, there were no neglible effects – but then – how do we know when the effects may be more gradual? Perhaps it’s an accumulative effect…with occasional BANGS of undeniable evidence?

  3. S.E.
    The law of attraction work no matter who we are, i.e. where we stand. It works regardless of our awarness that it works. The law of attraction is not dependent on a persons faith that it will work, no more than gravity depends on our faith for it to work.
    The key is LOA is awareness and learning how LOA affects us and how we can fine tune our thoughts to optimize LOA.
    Glad that I helped to inspire such a great question. Thank-you for the link.

  4. I want to believe that. My obstacle to fully embracing that is watching the news or reading the newspapers. Yes, perhaps I should take a break from negative media, but taking a break does not make it go away. Although, granted, there is an argument that not paying attention to it and turning my energy to the positive can have an effect, along with others, in decreasing the negative energy. I am convinced there is truth to that, but I struggle with finding the bridge. The bridge to allow those of humanity in the worst of all predicaments to make the Law of Attraction work for them, how does that occur? I ask this in a pure questioning form and welcome any thoughts.

  5. Maybe if we looked at the news with an Understanding that EMOTIONALLY, we are mostly all polarized in fear. Gut emotions. Gut feelings.

    Specifically emotionally focused upon ‘fear of death’. Also specifically focused on denying our selves Love, for various reason called ‘conditions’, under which conditions, we are rejected and/or excluded.

    What we see in the World, is all our lack of loving and fear of death, that is within us, like skeletons that rattle inside the closet of our bodies, being mirrored back.

    Our ideas of negation.

    In your example, your primary motivation would be fear. Just the same as with the rest of us.

    Take an inventory of our collective inner Virtues, our inner strenghs of character, for Virtue means strengh.

    Compassion. Tolerance. Acceptance. Understanding. Mercy. Forgiveness.

    Now while we’re great at accpeting the Acceptable, tolerating the Tolerable and Understanding the Understood but as Humanity, we show definite signs of being sort of ‘retarded’ in expanding our boundaries. In learning how to Understand the misunderstood, rather then try to eliminate them. In learning Tolerance for what has been taught to be Intolerable. For we have all been taught different definitions of what is ‘right’ and ‘good’ But we can all agree on what is Loving, if we are True to our Own hearts.

    Look to our lacks in substance of character for what is the cause of what we attract to us.

    ‘Fear’ attracts opportunities to face our fears and go beyond them.

    It’s the potholes in life that build our inner wealth of character. Our Virtue. Notice what emotions we chose to fill up those potholes in life with. For that is what we get back out of life towards its end.

  6. P.s. if we are contantly feeling and thinking about ‘not having enough’, then ‘not having enough’ is the experience we attract to us. If we focus on ‘wanting’, then experiences of ‘want’ is what we attract to us.

    Notice how many of us who always talk about being sick, are sick. Now I don’t mean like sick and doing a great job to keep an postive outlook. I mean always talking about being sick. Like it’s a focus of our life. Or those of us who always complain, always have something to complain about. or those of us who thrive on drama, are always involved in one.

    The more insecure we feel, the more we seek to control. For we fear a future that we won’t know how to cope with. By increasing our coping skills and learning how to govern our own hypothalumus by training our thoughts in Loving patterns instead of conditionally loving patterns, then we become empowered by our Virtue and live self assured instead of in self doubt.

  7. Grace!

    I understand issues with LOA. Maybe by the time I am done thinking through it, and reading and learning more, my issues will be resolved.

    As to the Oneness Movement, I finished the book: Awakening into Oneness and found it very informative. There is a certain “quiet” to the whole concept, and perhaps to me what I consider a missing link to other approaches, which is the change in the way we think or perceive (arguably LOA can and does accomplish that for others also); however, there is to me a quiet dignity with the efforts being displayed with the Oneness Movement to honor people as individuals, inclusive of culture, religion, etc., while also finding that common thread to change the overall perception. I have been finding more resources and will “chat” with you off line if you want to hear more.

  8. Tobeme!

    I hear you and can accept that on many levels and I do think there is a great propensity to help others with this line of thought. Maybe my question would be better phrased as to how can it reach the people in the most dire of circumstances and begin its effects?

  9. Sue Ann:

    Yes, fear, the great motivator or the great inhibitor. Two faces.

    I agree that the gut level reaction is a lack of knowing of what truly lies beyond, enter faith then, evolution or enlightenment, and fear may take a backseat.

    I also can see the rationale in always talking about being sick and attracting it because it can wear down immune systems, whether on a soul level or purely physical level.

    As ever, you have left me more to chew on…..

  10. Note: notice ANY ‘structures’ collapsing, for these are manifestations of the underlying structure of our beliefs, disintegrating.

  11. The ‘old’ structure is duality/polarity. The ‘new’ is Unity/Oneness. The ‘natural disasters’ are what happens when we’re having difficulties in letting go. One of them will come along and help us out. Every single one of the people in Minneapolis that was on that bridge, now has a different attitude in their hearts and minds. Every single one is cherishing and loving their lives and the lives of their loved ones MORE. And this will effect choices of Values, like valuing spending more time enjoying people, instead of Valuing worldy ambitions.

  12. I have been searching for your posts on this!! And I found them! =) I too am really fascinated with the topic. I appreciate the link for the Oneness Movement. I went to it and I guess I need to read more to have a better understanding. Have you read the book Awakening into Oneness? What are you thoughts…

  13. Scarlet! So glad to see you here on this still unfinished thought process of mine. Yes, like you, I am fascinated and believe there is great truth. Perhaps if it was taught from the crib, we would not have to worry about the feelings of others, who perhaps in dire straits, take a further burden on by believing they created same. How do I tell a person in the middle of a war or refugee status, think positively and it will all change? Maybe it will, in the meantime, do I want them to blame themselves for something done at the hands of others? Could millions of people all at one time, in one moment, in one geographic area, truly be asking for their desire to be met to be victimized in the most horrendous ways known to man?

    Perhaps this is where LOA and I presently diverge. I am not willing to say it can’t work, i.e. by using it, you can escape to another country, you can see and make opportunities that would not otherwise exist. That I feel is a great thing to examine and put into application. But if people, otherwise, good positive people have been caught up in a tsunami of Biblical proportions, I just don’t know Scarlet, I am uncertain if I should tell them to apply LOA. Ok, maybe I would be ok with counseling LOA, but not to tell them that is why they have been caught up in such atrocity.

    As you can tell, I’m still exploring the concepts.

    Awakening into Oneness? One of the better books, really enjoyed it, enjoyed the take, perspective from the author. I like the oneness movement because it appears to be non-judgmental and all-embracing without condemning.

  14. So, you have me contemplating… Could we ask those who have suffered to apply LOA? Yes of course we can ask, but can one who has suffered apply that right away? Probably not, a bit of healing, maybe they could apply it then. But yes of course we could ask, we could only encourage positive. It would only strengthen and help. At least I’d like to think. But this again is more easier said than done.

    Now I’ve often thought of something or said something and heard it repeated word for word somewhere else, by someone we don’t know. My husband and I joke that we’re being watched. But I often wonder, maybe it was a collective thought that suddenly what we thought was made tangible or what we said ran true for others as well that the phrase was repeated. The thought of collective thought… crazy. But I wonder if it’s related to this concept of the LOA.

    There’s also a new show I started watching, Mind Control. The thing that was impressive is that this man asked a conductor to write down on a piece of paper the piece he wanted the orchestra to play. Then with his hands tied behind his back and only the movement of his head, he “willed” the orchestra to play the piece he had in his head. It was a slow start, but once the orchestra played together the piece, I have to say I was impressed with the thought of one person willing a group to produce his results.

    Right now I’m reading Urban Shaman, so far it’s only touched a bit of this… But if you look back to a lot of spiritual books, they all have a form of the law of attraction, call it projection, visualization, the Secret, etc.. the names different but the concept similar. I also am flipping through the Secret. I’m not liking the style it’s written in, more of an infomercial so far. But the it’s fascinating too. I’d be inerested in reading Awakening into Oneness. I think when I’m done with Urban I’ll seek that out.

    I’m sorry for straying off the topic here and there… but you got me thinking and I started writing…lol

    I can’t wait to read more…

  15. Scarlet: Straying off topic? Not in the least! I think that’s the point, it is all encompassing and brings in as you say common threads wherever you look. You are right, it reminds me of so much I have read, I’m thinking The Celestine Prophecy, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, dare I include Siddhartha? The list could be endless.

  16. Lemmings….have you ever looked up the definition of lemmings?

    If we look deep into our souls we would find worship of the fear of death and not a love for life. For when we genunely Love Life, we know death to be an illusion.

    ‘Peaceful Warrrior’ is anastral illusion. A contradiction in concept. Anyone who is conflicted, and a ‘warrior’ is someone who is not at Peace.

    Kind of like that farce that we call a ‘peacekeeper’. Duh. There’s no need to keep what doesn’t exist. Let’s call it what it is, an armed force meant to insure compliance.

    As for the show Mind Control, I watched it, too. He made a very good case for how many of us go thoughout our day as mindless lemmings.

  17. It was really strange to see the host hand blank money to people and see him walk away… I understand it has something to do w/ hypnotism or something like that… still fascinating whatever it may be….

  18. Hi Scarletgegonia!

    Actually it is simpler then any hypnosis. It’s the same as distracting a baby with something shiny so you can take whatever the baby has away from them. Like ‘taking candy from a baby’.

    I watched the show again last night. In short, he’s very disciplined in mind and playing with those of us who don’t even realize we have one. That’s how pliant the majority are.

  19. Hey there Scarlet and Sue Ann! Sad to say, I have not watched mind control and will have to program it in. I have thought a lot though about the Laws of Attraction: current thinking:

    1. We cannot and should not assign “blame” to those dealing with illness, financial issues, family issues, etc.;
    2. We can see the value in the Laws of Attraction and positive thinking to create a healthier person, whether in mind body or soul, with the expectant hope that as the positive energies begin to overtake the negatives, changes can be expected.

  20. I agree with your points above.

    My main issue with the LOA is the blame I’ve seen assigned to victims of violent crime, random disease, starvation, abuse, persecution, genocide, bigotry, senseless hatred, disaster, tragedy, etc. etc., as a result of it. That’s taking it too far. Going beyond the humane and into the elitist. No one is exempt from any of the tragedies above or the many others that can befall us at any time. I don’t care how great one’s thoughts are, they are not magical protection genies that raise anyone above victims of hatred, genocide, violent crime, impoverishment, or tragedy.

    There’s another ancient belief system, older or as old as those that have been connected to the Law of Attraction, and it is contrary to it. Some might call it superstition or old wive’s tales, but the LOA can be called that too. When I think of the LOA, I always think of this other ancient belief system. In a way I place more stock in it that I do the LOA. Call it instinct or intution, viscerally it rings truer to me, and so I tread the waters of the LOA very cautiously. I’ll post about it.

  21. Hi Sue, I didn’t have the opportunity to watch the show last wk. if it is mindlessness… the suggestion itself to those who are willing is still interesting to me.

    Hi Surface, your current thoughts are interesting.. especially one about blame. including how mother chimmed in as well. I never really thought about blame. or even saw that come into the picture. I thought a bit more about what it to see what I thought about blame and how it all fit in. I think it also fits into your second point.

    ***I realized I was writing quite a long page. I’ll respond to you on my blog later. That way I’m not taking up so much of your space.

    MW – I look forward to your post too!!

  22. Hey there Scarlet, we would love to read what you have to say also!

    Can you give us the link to your page? For same reason it doesn’t allow us to link over from here!

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