The Good News

I read something this morning about there being Universal truths or laws which do not change, while perception and knowledge, perhaps awareness, does vary. For a full view, grab a cup of coffee or tea and stop in at the: The Naked Soul

Moments later, the post went through my mind, and it caused me to think, ok, maybe there is something much stronger here than I would like to admit because my mind can be that of a skeptic, full of resistance. I was thinking about how much the “bad” news affects me, brings me down, makes me sad that we cannot snap our fingers and fix the world.

I then thought: hmmm, I sure am attracting a lot of negative energy my way.

I jumped on the search engine and decided to do something different, to find the “good” news. I’m going to focus on the “good” news for awhile and see how it goes.

The Good News Network


5 thoughts on “The Good News

  1. Just yesterday I wrote about this very topic:

    Focus – Attention – Attraction

    (although it was pertaining to a completely different subject)

    This phenomenon is always why I stopped blogging (ok, ranting) about the War on Iraq, Impeaching Bush, etc. etc.

    I’m so easily effected by what I focus on. It may sound dorky, but I just want my existance here to be peaceful, joyful and…well…easy. I’m not here to solve any world problems – hell, it’s a full time job just solving my own! I’m not here to be anyone advisor or counselor (well, my kids, maybe! LOL). But you know what I mean?

    I really REALLY need to make a conscious decision to get out of my head more, and start enjoying life in a lighter manner. My own blog will reflect some of that….I’m tired of being so serious all the time.

    LOVE the new look, S.E. 🙂 And I hope you are well. I’m going to try to catch the Deeksha on the 15th if I can get home from work on time.


  2. I so agree. There are times when we just need to give our heads and hearts a break. We can’t keep letting ourselves be bombarded by all the horrible stories hour after hour, day in and day out. This amazing media age gives us quick, unending access to every horror in a way no other generation had. No one can take all that in without being affected – especially when we feel so powerless to help.

    But I also still believe we need to keep a watchful eye on what’s going on – for all the reasons we’ve already discussed – and speak up or take action where and when we can. In a focused way. We can’t cure it all. But small positive actions aimed at things we care about do make a real difference. Maybe joining with others, so we are nourished by their strength and energy. Even just speaking out helps – although we can’t always see the impact. And we can’t expect immediate results – it’s all part of a much bigger picture. But for me, there is nothing positive to just sitting by like sheep and letting ourselves and others be done to.

    I think it’s about balance. Sure we can listen to what’s happening…but what good does it do anyone to just listen and listen until we are so drained with emotion we have nothing left? Feeding ourselves with positive energy and joyful things, gives us the strength to not only love those around us, but maybe to even give back a little.

  3. Surface Earth,
    I am glad that what I wrote today got you thinking about what you expose yourself to and asking some very large questions of yourself and your beliefs.
    Glad to hear that you are making a focused effort to expose yourself to good news and cut down on the negative news.
    Thanks for linking to my blog and for providing the Good News link.

  4. Hi again! I just want to add that, while we certainly take in way too many negative images, in addition to surrounding ourselves with more positive stuff, we also need to learn how to let go
    of thinking we have to fix everything. Whoa is that a lot of responsibility! Many of us take this stuff personally to the point of feeling depressed that we can’t make it all better. That’s a lot of ego at work – as well as clinging to expectation.

    It doesn’t make us less caring or less of a good person to be able to separate from what we can and can’t change. We have the power to add more joy to our own lives and also to reach out and help others. And only we know the balance. It’s just good to remind ourselves that loving or helping with expectation that there must be the result WE want, is often a disappointing thing. The positive act is just that we care. The result is not ours to control.

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