Today is not yesterday

wintersky.jpgOnly at the Sky, -SE

Was there a time

When I knew more

Than I do today?


Three decades

Passing into four

How is it

I know less?


The trees


And rebirth

The same as the year before


I don’t know the last time

I climbed the branches

To count

Were there more

This season

Than last?

Were there less?


I breathed

Each morning



At the sky


I drew in

And out


I took my foot

Reaching behind the knee

And found a tree

With a limb

Close to me


I climbed


Only at the sky


20 thoughts on “Today is not yesterday

  1. I love this. True enough…we don’t climb the trees as often, but oh when we do we see things we never saw before and we appreciate the beauty in a way we never could have when we were just looking at the sky.

  2. What a beautiful reflection. Some of us spend years “asleep” and just don’t see what’s right in front of us until we open our eyes again and really look. I think this speaks volumes about having faith.

    ~ RubyShooZ ~

    Peace, love and understanding.

  3. I think all of your comments are lovely, thank you for indulging me.

    Ronnie…perhaps now is time, in light of the comments above, to speak of the knowing less and the wisdom of same?

  4. Oh…and I also think as we gain wisdom we learn that knowing more and more is not the same as knowing that which we cannot name or touch.

    And also…while some work hard to try to control all through thought or deed, wisdom teaches us that we can’t control much at all. But the good news of that is we don’t have to bear the burden of all that goes wrong in the world. There is a wonderful freedom to knowing at least that.

  5. Ah…SE. You always want a simple answer. One way or the other. You know the old saying: Less is more. But maybe taking more and gleaning it for less is also more? (-;

  6. Ahhhh….((((hugs)))) Every One!

    The Halls of Learning, the Halls of Knowledge, the Halls of Wisdom….we pass through one to the other.

    In the Halls of Learning, we learn. In the Hall of Knowledge, we learn how to apply our learning. And in the Halls of Wisdom, we learn how to apply what we’ve learned EFFECTIVELY.

    ‘Practical’ being defined as whatever we practice that actually works.

    By the time we reach the Halls of Wisdom, we understand about ‘Knowing’. Knowing comes from the heart and needs no explanations or outside agreement or proof. It’s also an experience of remembering, not learning.

    ‘Remembering’ – re-membering.

    Humpty Dumpty didn’t crack up.

    Humpty Dumpty hatched.

    And didn’t need his shell any longer.

    Much Love,
    Sue Ann

  7. Hey SE!

    Like you I believe that in general simple is vastly preferable to complex. I just think the quest for simple answers may miss the point. Is it answers we really seek or is it a way of looking at the universe? Aren’t answers so concrete that they distance themselves from the more expansive mysteries? (I have no answer to that, by the way. (-;) But then again…the quest for simple questions…now that’s something I find expansive.

  8. Hi Sue Ann. Our comments crossed so I didn’t see it before I posted mine. I like the shell-less Humpty Dumpty image. Egg-xactly what I was talking about.

  9. Hi Ronnie Ann!

    I hear ya!!!!!

    I stewed over the questions for decades until I reached my decision.

    K I S S

    Now for some, that might have meant ‘keep it simple sweetheart’ but, that’s where I was coming from. For me, that meant ‘keep it simple stupid.’

    Then the aha! moment came.


    That’s my nickname. And. Sometimes Sue And.

    Because I chose simple.

    I simply chose ALL.

    Forget ice cream OR cake. I’ll have them BOTH!

    Forget choosing candy in a candy store. I’ll have the WHOLE store.

    Don;t have to fret mayself over decisions ANYmore.

    That’s me.

    I’m both lazy and greedy.


  10. It’s so hard for me to express “simply” what I’m really trying to say, but then that’s part of the point, isn’t it? I guess it’s something about trust in our own nature and faith in the bounty of the universe rather than answers per se.

    For me, the quest for answers is marvelous, but it’s the attachment to actually finding a simple answer that can make it complex – especially when you throw in the added complexity of living within a diverse society where each person comes up with his or her own “the answer” and they don’t always mesh easily. I guess mostly I’m just talking about looking at it from a different perspective where finding the answer is just not as interesting as living each moment just being true to our own nature. Of course one might ask, what does THAT mean?

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