Separate is not Equal

My mind or would it be my heart got a jump start this morning thanks to Grace.

First, she grabbed my attention by posting a letter entitled “Dear Jesus” and then asking Him if it was still ok to call Him Lord, when asking if it was ok to pray for duplicity to be revealed, when people are treating others unfairly.

When dealing with fellow humans, I wonder, how can we ever seriously make classifications between ourselves? You’re ok in the eyes of God? You, over there, with the purple hair, you’re not….and so on.

The thing is in my mind, separate is never equal. The very definition of the word separate, to set apart, tells us it is DIFFERENT.

How can we keep a straight face, no pun intended, in 2007 when our fellow humans advocate separate as equal?

I can’t even mull this over or hang my head and race through its labyrinth looking for the cause, the why, the how: the answer is just too simple:



8 thoughts on “Separate is not Equal

  1. A neighbor had come to visit the other day. As she sat beside me as I was at my desk, she happened to notice what I was reading. It was the Bridge to Freedom Journal, dated April 1954. She commented on how much she liked the phrase ‘Brother’ Jesus, instead of the ‘Lord’ Jesus.

    Because the relationship implied in the sentiment wasn’t one of being seperated from.

    Siblings share the same parent. Siblings are equal.

  2. If we desire to resolve issues surrounding ‘duplicity’, we need to look at the issue of being ‘gullible’.

  3. Friends:

    Such simple words:

    Separate can never be equal.

    Such simple words to live by.

    We don’t.

    We haven’t in the dimensions I have known, but we can, we can do this for each other.

    I’ll light your torch along the path, light mine or light someone else’s, just keep the lights on.

  4. At the mention of ‘dimensions that are known’ and because of a request I have received, I shine my Light on what is called the next closest dimension to the one we call 3d. ‘Near realm’, ‘astral realm,’4th dimension’ are among the names called.

    This is where all thoughts and feelings founded in polairty/duality/separation abide. When not manifesting in this one (3d). Everyone knows about this dimension, just doesn’t realize it is another dimension.

    If I cannot use a 3d standard of weights & measures for something, yet that something exists, then it doesn’t exist in THIS dimension.

    How deep is a thought? How much weight does it carry? How much do we feel? An ounce? A pound?

    This is also the dimension of all the ‘psychic stuff’. Astral vision is not spiritual vision, though there are some of us as would claim it to be otherwise.

    The 3rd & 4th dimensions are based on precepts of seperation. The 5th, is the first one based on concepts of Unity.

    To put it another way, the 4th(astral) is the ‘valley of the shadow of death’ in the ‘yea tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death’.

    Everyone is already aware of all other dimensions. Just filtering a heck of a lot out that DOESN’T WANT TO BE SEEN . This is what I keep pointing to, when I mention ‘gullibility’.

    I have counseled quite a few women who had been subject to abusive relationships. Their healing always came with the realization that whom ever they blamed for the abuse, had been acting in accord with what they thought and believed about themselves, subconsciously. Abusers mirror abusive thoughts back to the one who is thinking those thoughts.

    If we believe in an abusive asshole of a ‘god the father’, the kind of ‘father figure’ we attract to ourselves is going to be its mirror. Before we judge that we have been treated ‘unfairly’, we need do a lot of soul searching within ourselves, for we will find whatever attitude we don’t like hearing from others, is the attitude we have towards ourselves in the confines of our own hearts and minds.

    I ask women, ‘Is your life everything you’ve ever imagined?’ Knowing full well ALL our lives are that way. Once I’ve gotten the answer of ‘yes’, it’s simple.

    Just imagine different this time.

  5. Years ago I asked my husband, “Where in the house would you place ‘God the Father’?”

    “Why, in the bedroom’, he replied. “He’s Creator, he’s going to be giving vent to his Creativity, so he’s in the bedroom.”

    Then I asked, “So where is God the Mother?”

    My husband replies, “In the kitchen, you know, cooking dinner and taking care of the kids.”

    “Ahhhh,” I replied. “Then who’s in the bedroom with God the Father or is he just playing with Himself?”

    My husband just looked at me, with a stunned expression on his face.

  6. Sue Ann: I will tell you, I am still digesting the words, and want to encounter them again in a quiet space, unfurled and see what else they will bring me. I thank you for leaving so many rich thoughts here for all of us.

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