Finale…Everything But the Girl…G’nite

Everything but the girl – I don’t want to talk about it

All time favorite.

G’nite my friends.



4 thoughts on “Finale…Everything But the Girl…G’nite

  1. Hello! Found you through Mother Wintermoon…

    Your blog is a worthwhile read…I am drawn to it, but don’t have the brainpower right now to give it the attention it deserves, so I’ll leave you with this.

    If you like Everything but the Girl, you may like this collaberation with Massive Attack.

    Peace in,

  2. LIL!

    Love it, love it, love it! What a great video!

    And btw, we have been jumping over to your blog (thank you MWM) and have been inspired already in our few most recent trips! Great stuff you have going on there!

  3. Nice tune.
    I’ve listened to these guys for years.
    A favorite tune is “Driving”
    Is there anything that YouTube doesn’t have? 😉

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