The lack of hope is a bitter pill

Have you ever experienced moments in your life, where you knew not what to believe?

Who to trust?

Where to turn?

Whether it was because you live paycheck to paycheck and the lack of one sent your known life into oblivion or because there were too many agendas surrounding you, and you did not know, did not have the strength to tune into your own knowledge?

What then?

It is the lack of hope scenario.

Have you ever lacked hope?

It is the most bitter pill to swallow, and it must be swallowed, because when you lack hope, you still draw air from a primal perspective to carry on, but oh, your soul is crying.

To anyone that has swallowed that bitter pill, that may be swallowing it now, I tell you, it goes down easier with water, and as long as you continue to breath, we will find a way for that pool of water, that oasis in the desert.

Namaste, you are not alone.


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