Thanks to another blog I randomly happened upon, I am once again wondering, must I have a vision for SurfaceEarth?

To see what has again jump started this line of thought: jump over to the SecondLifeShrink

The author mentioned he received encouragement that some people actually read his blog and pointed to the comment I had left there. He then invited people to jump over to SurfaceEarth to see if they could figure out what the author was writing about. (said in a very nice way of course).

Well, there is no blueprint.

There is no vision plan.

It’s just another person, propped behind the curtain, poking a rod into the dimensions of daily living.

I of course think we only live on the surface, just like we only use a limited percentage of our brains.

So, in moments, news clips, videos, pieces of other blogs, photos, artwork, and so on, we examine or ask about just one small dimension with the hopes of learning something new or of scratching the surface.

So that’s it for now.


3 thoughts on “Vision

  1. As I see it, it’s your vision…even if that means you are not bound by no stinkin’ badges…er…I mean rules of what a vision MUST be.

    True, your blog is not easy to put a name or definition to…especially in one glance. That’s because (I think) it’s meant to be explored and savored, like life itself. Thoughts and blogging without limits. Not bound by surface earth. Very unique. Very wonderful. Therefore, it defies being named* (defined) by words alone. (*Ref: Tao te ching verse 1)

  2. Ah, children of yesterday….welcome, I so welcome your words, you are not only wise, you are caring. You care what happens as a result of your words, which means, you have long ago dived beneath the surface.

    Soon, I will have a tablet piece to add on my drawings on a moment’s notice, for when the words lack recognition of the heart I see displayed.

    Peace. On to the golden era…

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