Cardboard Box in the Rain

I sit within a section of time

I have placed myself in the center

the bottom

of a yet unfolded cardboard box

I follow the arrows

further the crease at the folds


one by one

the four sides

around me

I am sitting

within my slice of time

unaware as to the continuum

the cardboard

my barrier

the rain falls against the air

creating a curtain

drawing light from within

the appearance of morning

it glows within in its own making

the box has a lid

I attempt to draw down

there is no handhold

there is no way

to close and seal

the last piece

against time


5 thoughts on “Cardboard Box in the Rain

  1. Nice. Really like the imagery. I feel the effort and the emotion as I see the rain drops splash against your uplifted face. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Defined and not defined. It’s the space I have found, ha, there was no joke intended there but just by using the word space, I once again thought I was in a finite dimension. Ah, what an earthling I am!


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