I ask myself, no, I hesitate as I type this, do I really ask myself?

I think not. I think I know, no, I know I know, what enrichment is….

It is a day not long ago, a trying one, and just when a pause interspersed itself, Louis Armstrong came on, singing Hello Dolly and I heard my grandfather singing, singing like Louis. Yeah, I know, no one sings like Louis, but if you heard my grandfather, you too would shake your head.

I read Ronnie’s post on The Door to the Universe is You and it fit, it resonated, and I said, damn, I thought my landscape was limited, I thought, with my headlamp, flashlight, and pickax meandering through the labryinth of my mind that I could find the creased bits of parchment to give me the map to the treasure chest, but you see, in my mind, in my search, the treasure chest had boundaries…I read Ronnie’s post, the door to the universe is you, and my heart exploded.

Let me add, as I wrote this, my husband, that beautiful man, was trying to get us ahead, up on a stool, changing lights and before I could type the word “exploded”, well, the bulb crashed to the ground, and yes, it exploded everywhere.

So am I enriched? More than I can describe. It is the hug of a child, slippery from the bath, throwing him upon a deep comforter to cushion the fun, the giggles, the sheer delight in the moment.

We are what we decide, no matter what life hands us. And yes, I have been handed lemons, but heck, it’s easy make lemonade. The thing is, I can’t help the lemons I have been given, so what choice is there? I’m in charge of me, I decide how I feel.

I have learned, I have many hats, I decide which ones I wear and when, and sometimes, just sometimes, I wear them all at once.


Who decides?

You do.



8 thoughts on “Enrichment

  1. It’s acceptance – over and over and over and knowing that what is: is and I just answered a post over at MommyMoon’s place and said that when we ask “Why?” that really, the answer is “Because”.

    So when the answer is because, we can move from there to acceptance and even joy and compassion.

    Peace, love and understanding.

  2. ((Ronnie)) I’m laughing out loud!

    ((RubyShooZ)) I like what you have said, it must be acceptance, that makes sense, acceptance then is also what creates the quiet space to recognize enrichment. I’ll go check out your comment at MommyMoon’s!


  3. I wear a lot of hats too. I can picture people now in all their hats representing how they feel at that time or their purpose at that time, and how those hats would look. Purple, red, black, green, orange, square, round, soft, hard, triangular, large, small, pointed, floppy, goofy, serious. Sometimes we need a hard hat to protect us from flying debris or just from falling. Thanx for the visualization. What would your goofy hat look like? Show me yours and I’ll show you mine. 🙂

  4. 🙂 Funny, I’m not much in the mood for words, I have the feeling I’ll have more fun turning the music up loud and drawing some crazy hats in response to your comment.

    Stay tuned.

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