MotherWinterMoon has previously interested me in Hooponopono.

Now, I am barely at the crawling stage of learning about this Ancient Hawaiian tradition, to learn more you need to jump over to the Tag Cloud on MotherWinterMoon’s site.

I received an email today about a book by Joe Vitale, entitled:  “Zero Limits:  The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace and More.”

I think it may be worth a read, then again, I like to read and am always looking for new books.  I’m wondering, has anyone read this, and if so, any thoughts?


10 thoughts on “Hooponopono

  1. Hi

    Dr Joe Vitale did the Foreword to my book “The Titus Concept Money For My Best and Highest Good” and Dr Hew Len also endorsed it.

    They are both simply great individuals!
    With Joe Vitale’s talents and Dr Len’s insights their new book “Zero Limits” is an amazing book!!

    Al Diaz

  2. Mr. Diaz: it looks like we have not only Mr. Vitale’s book, but also your own to look forward to reading. Thanks for jumping into the dimensions of Surface Earth.

  3. I’m doing some further reading into Huna / Hooponopono as well. I look forward to further posts from you on this topic =)

  4. Ok, I bought the book today: Zero Limits. I really believe this is going to be one powerful read. This alone, on the last page of the Introduction:

    “Finally, the entire essence of this book can be summed up in one phrase—a phrase you will learn to use; a phrase that reveals the ultimate secret of the universe; a phrase that I want to say to you and the Divine right now:

    ‘I love you.’

    Take a ticket and have a seat. The train into your soul is about to take off.

    Hold on to your hat.”

    Dr. Joe Vitale, ZeroLimits.

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