The Monthly Message of Mary

Ok, to my regular readers, you know I adore Mary, Mother Mary, the Virgin Mary, or whatsoever name you may ascribe to your version.

I check her monthly messages like lottery numbers:


Message of August 25, 2007

Dear children! Also today I call you to conversion. May your life, little children, be a reflection of God’s goodness and not of hatred and unfaithfulness. Pray, little children, that prayer may become life for you. In this way, in your life you will discover the peace and joy which God gives to those who have an open heart to His love. And you who are far from God’s mercy, convert so that God may not become deaf to your prayers and that it may not be too late for you. Therefore, in this time of grace, convert and put God in the first place in your life. Thank you for having responded to my call.”



compliments of….Medjugorge Information Online

Now, I for one love these messages. Perhaps I see only what I want to see, but I do see a call for loving compassion and that alone was enough to compel me to share it with you.

Peace. I wanted to tell you, go out and love another as you love yourself, then I paused, and thought, many have no issue loving others, and rather they must first learn or embrace loving themselves. So instead I say, live with love.


6 thoughts on “The Monthly Message of Mary

  1. You make an excellent point, we must love ourselves, for when we do, we are truly loving our creator, which is what Mary asks us to do in this reading. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The answer to so many problems, on both a small and grand scale could be solved with that one profound pronouncement, “Live with love.”

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. MWM: Today, I needed this, precisely what you provided in your comment, the links to the Beatles. Tobeme wrote a piece on people who are believing they see Mother Mary, because, well, simply, because they need to see her. I have needed my prayers to Mother Mary very much these last few weeks, and how heartwarming to hit that link and hear: Let it Be. My thanks will be in my repeated clicks on the links you provided. Peace be unto you MWM, and thank you, from the limitless parts of my heart.

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