Smurf House

Hey RubyShooz, here are some pictures of smurf homes……….compliments of

Smurfs At Blue Imps Smurf Collection

Smurf Buildings

4.0001 – Old Large Red House

4.0001 – Old Large Orange House

4.0001 – Old Large Green House

4.9001 – New Large Red House

4.0011 – Small Red House

4.0012 – Small Green House

4.0013 – Small Blue House

4.0014 – Smurfette’s House

4.9011 – New Red House

4.9013 – New Blue House

4.9014 – New Smurfette’s Small House

Bully House

4.0020 – Old Windmill

4.9020 – New Windmill

Old Schleich House

4.0025 – Old Farmhouse

4.0027 – Gargamel’s Castle

4.9025 – New Farmhouse

4.9027 – New Gargamel’s Castle

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4 thoughts on “Smurf House

  1. Oh yes, I remember my husband’s daughters having one of those when they were younger. I’m not sure I could live in one though. Someone mentioned the Swiss Family Robinsons tree house (damewiggy) and boy, that would be fantastic too. Thanks for the photos! You’re so nice thinking of me.

    Please forgive me for not being around much (anyone, everyone?) I’ve not been at all well and I am just out of whack totally. I feel like I’m missing out and people will forget me though. 😦

    Peace, love and blueness.

  2. MWM: I love the smurfs, the pictures I put up probably don’t convey the feeling conveyed from the old cartoons of the smurfs, the feel of the village and admittedly, RubyShooz’s pictures of the Hobbit House were much more intriguing….

  3. RubyShooz….of course you would prefer the open airy houses, yes? There is something seemingly confining to the look of the smurf houses, must be the expansive love in the villages of the smurfs which drew me in…and hello? Asking for forgiveness? You have posted so many wonderful pieces you thunder goddess you, how could anyone forget you?????? As if the shoes in your picture were not enough! (ok, ok, I love the Wizard of Oz and those shoes in your picture remind me of Dorothy!)

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