Query on the perception of judgment

Sometimes, it is ok to write for the sheer pleasure of writing, what I otherwise call the unleashing.

It is then also ok, to step into the quiet space.

When I studied Kabbalah, a huge portion of what I studied was to be in a place of no judgment.

Intellectually, I could not grasp it, isn’t having an opinion always a judgment?

Or is it what you do with that opinion?  If you breath life into it, if you fuel it without regard for where the recipient may be standing?

Do we have an underlying obligation to understand our audience before we judge?  Before we opine?  Before we cast the sword of unilateral intent?

I believe we do.

I know the power and the damage of words.

I know the importance of standing up, not just for oneself, but for countless others.

I also know, words are like stones cast, they are sure to land somewhere, and who are we at the end of the day, to dictate what someone else should feel?

I don’t know.

I know it is unfair to suffocate another’s heart, another’s opinion, I wonder, can we suffocate in reverse?  By not adding more words, timber, to the fire, do we suffocate those who need that interaction?


Where is the balance then?  How do we learn to not judge?  How do we learn to not judge in our not judging?


6 thoughts on “Query on the perception of judgment

  1. {{{SE}}}}

    Ours is the power to decide what is Loving for our own lives but, no one else’s.

    And to say that words have power to harm, is a statement expressing not knowing how to be sovereign over the contents of our hearts and minds. You speak of responses to what is said. I am saying individual response ability lies on the individual. It’s called emotional coping skills and is now being defined as one of the requirements in order to being considered ‘healthy’ according to current college textbooks.

    Life is about both smiles and frowns.

    A judgment, is any qualification of mind that is ‘negative’. Not loving, nor accepting, nor appreciating the frowns in life. Or maybe potholes would be a better example.

    The potholes in life build the structure of our inner nature, our spiritual body of expression. The way things have been, there are an awful lot of us that have been ‘saved’ from such opportunities and another whole bunch of us that haven’t a clue about the pricelessness of the potholes we’ve experienced.

    A Judgment is a qualification of ‘negative’ upon any aspect or experience of Life.

    Blessings and in order for there to exist Peace on our Earth, each and every single one of us is going to have to become at Peace with ourselves.

    How many of us Love ourselves enough to out forth that kind of effort and devotion?

  2. You ask the ultimate question and that is how do we learn “to be”? One of the keys is to fill ourselves with love which is our natural state, really what we need to do is to purge out all that is not love for we are already full of love, we just have accumulated a lot of garbage which suppresses that love which we have. When we love, we do not judge. When we love and live in the “now”, then we are “being”.

  3. What {tobeme} has just described is what is called ‘Baptism’, leading to Transfiguration, Contemplation (Garden of Sorrow), Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension .

    Baptism is the stage where Purification of our inner realms begins. We start changing our vibratory rates, lifting ourselves out of density by focusing our thoughts on the Immaculate Conception within our Sacred Hearts.

    What {tobeme} called ‘purging’, is when we take the ‘negative’ and transmute it, taking the (-) charge off it. Literally, making Peace with ourselves.

  4. Yes Sue Ann, I agree, at some point, when we come into contact with loving ourselves, we can shrug off the responsibility of others, knowing we work from the innermost part of our hearts, our souls.

  5. Tobeme: I do think you and Sue Ann talk of the same state with slightly different words, approaching each moment with love and letting the rest take care of itself. To me, if we do that, we do not judge, period, for when we do, we divorce ourselves from love. That means to me, not calling someone out, not imposing our views on their moments, wrong or right?

  6. Dearest {{SE}}, when haven’t yet recognized the genuine Self in our Hearts and come to Know this Presence for REAL, we have a tendency to also neglect to recognize that same Presence, within others.

    I’m not sure what you mean by ‘calling someone out’ but, if it has anything to do with fredom of expression, then I’d say any ‘offending’ belongs to the one who chooses to perceive things that way. For ‘offense’ can only be taken, never given.

    Another can express understandings different then ours. It does not mean they are ‘right’. It does not mean they are ‘wrong’. They simply expressed themselves honestly, that’s it. Our ability to cope with honesty is a KEY issue.

    “Honey does this dress make me look big?”

    Most of us expect those who love us to lie to us to make us feel good.

    If we chose to give what it said, power over our reality, then that has been our free choice. A lot of time we draw people to us that will tell us something we don’t like.

    The difference between a Lover and a Flatterer, is that a Flatterer competes with our mirrors, telling us we’re beautiful, while a Lover knows we know we’re beautiful and encourages more beauty to come forth from within us.

    Most of us want flattery, not love.

    There is also a pattern we’ve been trained in, where simply refusing to see things the way a person wants them to be seen, is perceived as ‘threatening’. When the only thing that’s been ‘threatened’, is the person’s ability to feed off other people energetically.

    If our reality has to be fed and supported from outside of ourselves, then there is no foundation of Truth to our reality. For Truth can stand on its own, because of its very nature, its essence. The Truth is True. Anytime. Any when.

    Other people do not have to feed our versions of reality. We have NO ‘right’ to insist they do.

    Liberty is the freedom of choice, while accepting accountibility and responsibility for the costs and consequences of those choices.

    License is the practice of the freedom of choice while denying accountibility and responsibility for the costs and cnsequences of those choices.

    I happen to apply that, to our freewills and the choices of belief we choose to believe, as defined by our Freedom of Religion Right in this country.

    And I say…

    I don’t hear much claiming for the psychological results or costs of decisions made from these psychologically messed up states, by those of us who have willingly and willfully chosen to believe in such self sabotaging and self depreciating things.

    Things that cause doubts about our intrinsic worth as a human being.

    As much Nurturing as our world needs, it would help if we chose beliefs that filled up our cups, instead of demanding license to live half full.

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