Zero Limits & Beyond Affirmation

In a previous post, I asked whether anyone had read Zero Limits by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len. A comment popped up, with the commenter encouraging a read of the book and advising that Dr. Vitale had written a foreward to his own book: The Titus Concept.

Now, as you may know, MotherWinterMoon introduced me to Hooponopono, and since that time I have seen a post and some interesting comments over at

To make a long story longer, this past Sunday I was out on the road and on a lark decided to stop in my favorite Barnes & Noble and pick up the book Zero Limits. I was hooked within the introduction section. I have always been convinced there are simple steps to get us earthlings to a different level of evolution or existence and within the first few pages of the book, my hunch was written there, simply and easily.

I have grappled as past posts demonstrate with the Laws of Attraction, the placement of “blame” within the equation, etc., and yet, I realized there is a vast amount of enriching material and guideposts within many of the LOA materials and books.

So what was my problem? Why couldn’t I just embrace LOA and live it to the fullest?

My mind kept tripping over itself.

I needed to let go of the puzzle. I began to sit within quiet moments and recent posts will also show you that flow, what felt like a non-resistance. I didn’t know what to make out of it, I just knew that the quiet and peace within me was refreshing.

As I read Zero Limits, I found what made sense to me on so many levels. Now, I don’t want to be like a person that tells you the ending to the story, because I truly believe that reading each page, page after page, is what tells you if this simple method will work for you. Don’t be fooled, the steps may be simple, but the process takes dedication, at least to this untrained reader.

I encourage you to stop back if you have read the book or intend to and share your thoughts.

Peace & light.


11 thoughts on “Zero Limits & Beyond Affirmation

  1. Get your head out of your [#$@]. Joe Vitale is a conman and a mass manipulator. Instead of sitting down and letting Vitale feed you bull***, learn to take a more critical approach and ask for some proof. Listening to him say that there is doesn’t mean jack %#$@.

  2. 🙂

    Well, it appears this is an exceptional day for editing comments, something we normally don’t do without a specific request.

    Sigh….let freedom of expression reign, albeit, with a bit of editing for unnecessary language.

    Pretend for a moment Mr. Vitale was as the commenter Edward stated, and suppose, there was just one line that rang true and worked within his works, would that line be negated?

    At any rate, feel free to jump in and continue posting, but let’s do it with a little forethought and editing, what do you think?

    Additionally, I think that if accusations are going to be waged against someone in a public forum, which in essence becomes character assassination, at the very least, the identity of the person making the accusation should be clear, with a link back to the commenter’s blog or website so others can visit and provide their own comments.

    This is my thought, we don’t all need to like other people’s opinions, but we do need to be respectful and not willingly proceed with smearing a person’s name. If you stop in and don’t like my discussion of Zero Limits, or the author of Zero Limits, maybe the best thing is to move on? Not add negative energy? Just a thought.

  3. Thank you for the recommendation… I’m thinking I need a little burst of motivation!

    And… very classy way to handle nasty comments!

    You are a great example to all bloggers!



  4. Jennifer: Again, glad you stopped in. We stopped by your site also, lots of great stuff, look forward to reading more and checking out more of your companion site: Good Bags. I enjoyed Zero Limits, the only way it could be damaging is if you spend the money on the book that you need for something else. Otherwise, it is a simple and humane philosophy, comes back always to the same thing: loving kindness.

  5. Hello there ! Guess what, Zero limits just arrived in my mailbox on friday ! Haven’t had the time to read though but I am familiar with the basic principles of Hooponopono. I find a lot of good common sense in your approach. And it’s OK for me if Mr Vitale and Dr Len earn money by the whole project. This is not a reason to critice anybody. Anyway I have not heard of anybody being forced to read or buy it … Money and marketing to me are just forms of energy and communication like any other. It’s what you choose to do with it that makes it positive or negative.
    By the way, thanks for your friendly comments on my blog !
    I wish you love and fulfillment,

  6. Civility works. Zero Limits offers the concept of taking full personal responsibility for the blog we are in…the room we will speak in….the people we encounter…the events we experience. If we accept the book’s concept then I must take responsibility for the negatives and the positives on the blog and do more cleansing and more cleansing. For those who have read the tome, what do you think? I am being too literal…a tendency of mine. Do you remember the Good Doctor saying he will reward himself with a huge ice cream sundae if he can make it through a whole day without thinking negatively about anyone or anything. Has he ever been able to enjoy the sundae as of the writing of the book? ”
    I apologize. Forgive me. Thank you. I love you. ”

  7. Karen! Hope the mail did not clean and erase the text of the book!

    Quinby: (and Karen): I am thinking it comes back to the same thing: loving kindness. What else is there? It solves almost anything and has the power to transport us from a frustrated moment to what we project as the divine.

    What are your thoughts on Zero Limits???

  8. I’m just curious if you’ve read the new Abraham – Hicks book, the Astonishing Power of Emotions. For me it’s the clearest, simplest way to realign yourself so you’re moving downstream again, rather than fighting everything. I’ll take a peek at this zero limit book, but at this point I don’t have many issues that need addressing. Maybe I’ll put it on my wish list for later. 🙂

  9. {{SE}} I honestly haven’t read the book, however, I might have something to add…

    I decided just last weekend that I desired to be healed of my pain. I really really REALLY felt love for myself and simply imagined feeling chipper…

    The rest of my story is like a fluke, of how I was *zip* straight into the office and supportive skills of the very best surgeon in this state. HE called ‘me’, telling me to get to his office the next day, that they’d send a helicopter to get me if needed.

    I was blessed because I recognized myself as bless-ed.

  10. ButchJax:

    Not yet! Thanks for the lead, read one almost two of the other A-H books…..guess I know what to pick up next time I am in the store. (I like seeing the books, holding the books, it’s the whole paper thing.)

    Zero Limits is lovely in its intent. Let us know what you think if you by chance read it.

  11. Sue Ann:

    Funny, I was slightly preoccupied with that foot issue of yours. Seemed there should have been a way to zap into the universal power and draw on the strength. I am happy to see that has occurred. Let us know how you are!

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