The Almighty a/k/a The One True God

Looks like God stopped in for a visit today. It looks like All that is One is having a little problem with this thinking out loud thing we do here on Surface Earth. I wish I knew who posted this comment on our Open Letter to God, I’m going to share it with you here:

  • “The Almighty // Sep 6th 2007 at 8:05 pm (edit)

    Dear writers of Surface Earth,

    You guys really are [%$#^] up. If you honestly think I’m so inconsistent, emotional, and ridiculous as the authors of the Old Testament, Tripitaka, Qu’ran, and “The Secret” make me out to be I really overestimated you. This is the one time I’m going to tell you: yes, I might’ve created the universe (you can never know for sure: believe me), but I’m strictly non-interventionalist. I swear I haven’t done a single thing besides speed up the invention of roller blades and pong. All the silliness you attribute to me is nothing less than some group think, gullibility, and self-hypnotism. Yeah, I guess at the end of the day it’s my fault that I gave you instincts suitable only for perpetuating your existences without much foresight into what you might develop into in the future (the whole sweet tooth thing… the impressionability of children… etc.) but I also gave you logic and reason. I suggest you use them more effectively.

    Faithfully yours,
    The One True God™

    P.S. – The whole faith thing was a joke, seriously stop it.”

    (offensive/foul language removed by S.E. Editor)

How ironic, we were thinking of doing a t-shirt give-away for something that made us laugh the most, yes, this same inspired thought the same day God stopped in to speak directly to us….funny world this.


16 thoughts on “The Almighty a/k/a The One True God

  1. Hoo-Haw! Yes!! You know what? “GOD/DE” told me the same things, only not as a blog comment, just as a post-it on my soul.

    “You guys really are [%$#^] up. If you honestly think I’m so inconsistent, emotional, and ridiculous as the authors of the Old Testament, Tripitaka, Qu’ran, and “The Secret” make me out to be I really overestimated you.”

    Oh yeah. GOD/DE, lay it on us. The cuss words are a bit much, but hey, who am I to complain? Now if only GOD/DE, the Divine, the Universal Life Force, the Breath of Creation, or whatever name anyone wants to put on IT, would come by and respond to my “GOD Q & A.”

    GOD/DE, I’ll call you that for convenience, I want to thank you from the bottom of my oh-so-mortal heart. This makes me want to dig up some old posts of mine on “the biblical GOD,” I wrote for an old blog a few years ago. Yup, I think I will.

    LORDY, this is a good day to hear from YOU. Thanx for letting everyone in on the “real secret.” Oh, and thanx to you, SE, for featuring the Word, today. You are honored to be the conduit. Delicious. Things that make you go Mmmm and Hmmm.

  2. Hello,
    I think we all have our “Letters To The God Editor.” I remember getting one similar to this when I first started blogging. I find that these are the people who admire what we write the most. Keep up the good/God work. 😀

  3. Someone’s insecure….

    Someone’s filled with doubt…

    Someone’s an emotional leech and fears running out of fresh blood.

    Keep up the Empowering work!

  4. I like your thinking out loud, your questing and your queries. I know they’re coming from a desire to create a better world for all Beings and make the world a better place.

    I didn’t notice before that you wrote at the top “It looks like All that is One is having a little problem with this thinking out loud thing we do here on Surface Earth.”

    I thought you featured it as your post today because you because you thought it was witty, funny, rousing, and a worthy topic of exploration.

    I was being tongue-in-cheek and having fun with it. (That’s my sense of humor, dry and tongue-in-cheek.) I didn’t see it as a reflection on what you do here SE. Not at all. I hope it doesn’t come across to you that way. I didn’t see “you guys” as meaning you personally. I saw it as all of us, all of humankind.

    I also know from the credit links that some of your explorations here arose from my posts, so how could I not be open and receptive to them?

    I didn’t see the message as a bad thing, I thought it was a combination of dry humor with rousing thoughts to contemplate and discuss thrown in. I apologize to you if I misinterpreted or miswrote.

  5. MWM:

    I am laughing out loud as to your first comment, you got the flavor of what we meant!

    As to your second comment, no need to worry here, we applaud your spirit, and welcome and look forward to your visits.

    You have a great amount to share with all of us, I encourage those that stop here, unfamiliar with your site, to click on your link.

    Cheers, much laughter, and peace on this night.

  6. Dear Sue Ann:

    Yes, perhaps someone is insecure. But in keeping with my most favorite, new route, I ask, what have I done to cause that? :0

    clean, erase, clean, erase…….

    As soon as I get the animated feature going, I’ll have MotherWinterMoon’s ThunderGoddess sweeping like mad!

  7. Alexys:

    Thanks for coming by our piece of the Earth and your strengthening comments. What a beautiful perspective.

    I have to admit, I truly loved the comment posted on our Open Letter to God, I thought it was wonderful!

  8. Well wowie.

    I didn’t know such things happened on blogs. I guess I’ve led too sheltered a life. I guess I need to see what this is all about before I comment further.

    (Don’t you have comment moderation turned on?)

    Hope you’re having a beautiful day. Peace friend.

  9. Glad to know the love of it and the LOL was mutual! You couldn’t see my smiles and mischievous eye twinkles, but I was smilin’ and twinklin’ all the way. There’s nothing better than smilin’ and twinklin’ together.. 😉 😀

  10. Dear writers of Surface Earth,

    I’d like to clarify that my original language (why does humanity insist on doing this all the time?) was “You guys really f***ed up,” rather than, “You guys really are f***ed up.” Also, I, The Lord, Your God, am incapable of insecurity, although I am prone to jealousy. My decision to proselytize on your modest blog was motivated only by a desire to lighten the spirits of the religiously encumbered and bring attention the possibility that I’m not a serious old curmudgeon in the sky (and that I may not care). Either way it is epistemologically impossible to know anything about me from the concrete world: only revelation to specific individuals can help you there… and as the well-intentioned editors of this blog have demonstrated, even the best are prone to commit interpretive errors.

    Faithfully yours,
    The One True God™

  11. Dear Almighty:

    I believe You are right in the correction, we were a bit overzealous in the speed with which we edited and yes, we paused, wondering if we had deleted a word or added a word. Again, proof that we humans mess up the word of God.

    Thank You for proof that You do care, at least to correct us in the use of Your language. (wish You could edit Your other alleged words as quickly).

    And again, thanks for proving the Almighty does in fact have a sense of humor and has a much easier and entertaining use of language than we ever would have believed.

  12. Oh wow. I think I’m in love with the Almighty…The One True God™ in a strictly platonic, spiritual sense of course.

    Dear Surface Earth,
    I never felt this way before. What shall I do?
    Signed, Devotee

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