Britney Spears: Reviews on MTV’s VMAs

Ok, I must ask, have we nothing better to do with ourselves than criticize Britney Spears?

I glossed over news articles the — news? —last few days but today’s headline stopped me in my tracks:

Britney was bad, yes. But ‘fat’?

Actually, it is some of the headlines quoted within the headline of the above CNN article that got me going.

You see, I watched the awards and what I saw was someone who maybe was a bit nervous, maybe not, but that was my impression of the young woman. The second thing that hit me was, wow, she had two kids, isn’t she in wonderful shape?

Is she that much of a threat to some part of society I am unaware of that even her body must take verbal abuse?

Maybe it’s just me, but the use of the word “fat”, the existence of the word, just seems plain ludicrous.  So does the constant criticism of the young woman most of us will never know.  Have to wonder, why is it that so many enjoy seeing others down, and if in fact not down, well then certainly throwing enough energy their way to hopefully land them there?



6 thoughts on “Britney Spears: Reviews on MTV’s VMAs

  1. It’s so unfortunate. For some reason the triplets (Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan) have gotten so much attention these days and when media outlets such as CNN and Reuters jump on the band wagon, they lose their credibility as journalists.

    You are right that we kick people when they are down, instead of offering a hand to help them up.

  2. *chuckle* I hear tell she’s going to remake Weird Al’s Fat some time soon. 😉

    Just kidding of course. She’s had two kids. Had a bit of flab but I woldn’t call her fat either.

    I was more disappointed with the VMAs in general than with Britney.

  3. S.E.
    It is truly a shame that this would be considered news. People like to be distracted by what they see as the faults of other people. What they fail to realize is that they are showing a reflection of their own insecurities and their avoidence of examining their own life.

  4. Alexys!!!! Ludicrous, no? Seriously, how can we not offer a hand?

    ToBeMe: ahhhhh….”they are showing a reflection of their own insecurities…”; if we could all look in the mirror quite so clearly…”what a beautiful world it would be…”

    Dr. Mike: Greetings! A bit of flab? Oh, you are lucky you are not standing in a supermarket line with a bunch of used to be pregnant women! They would be flailing you with the entire contents of their carts!

  5. The media blitz on this kind of thing is a very sad commentary on what is considered worthy news or entertainment. There’s nothing wrong with her body size or shape, we simply live in “fat” phobic society with completely unrealistic and damaging body ideals. I would say Brit needs help though…she doesn’t seem to be in a healthy place at all.

  6. MWM:

    I guess they only get as far as we feed into it, hmmm?

    I have had a few days of electronic emission break, no radio, no phone, no laptop (slight television) and I realized they only have the power we grant them.


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