into this world


we crawl

we walk

we speak

years later

we find

we ask

are the words,

our words?

what we don’t question

is whether the feelings

are our feelings.

Are these my emotions?

My way of seeing the world?

Then we read too much, we write too much, we See too much,

we learn

our thoughts

our words

our emotions

may not be ours.

We turn,

and look around,

where next?


10 thoughts on “Distance

  1. (Smiling)

    We realize we have the Liberty, the Freedom, to choose. To create whatever we choose to create and feel, about ourselves and our rlationship with the World.

    We wake up.

    And realize we’re not in Kansas anymore.

  2. Where next indeed? Hah! As I was writing that I just glanced up and saw what Sue had written and I have these rubyshooz but – they’re not taking me home as fast as I’d like. (Not that I wanna wind up in Kansas!)

    About the poem, words – I was thinking about that the other day and thought that so much of what we say is not even our own stuff but stuff we’ve picked up along the way …

    There are times I realize this and find my own words – or are they?


    Thanks SE, thanks all. MUCH love.

    ~ RS ~

  3. Oh yes. Those blueprints on the brain from childhood and other core experiences, are the hardest to reconfigure. We have to rewire, relearn, and work diligently to find our voice. Yet, we are never without the influence of external knowledge and input. What next? My answer is just keep processing with the goal towards a beneficial result. It’s like the office in-box and out-box. Stuff goes in, gets filed and processed, stuff goes out. Processing, filing, outputting…with a mind on the goal to the best of our ability.

  4. Ruby: you just reminded me of myself as a child. I had two favorite movies: The Sound of Music which for inexplicable reasons I insisted was called: The Hills are Alive, and also, the Wizard of Oz.

    I always loved Dorothy’s shoes, because I did then and do know believe in magic of the unknown. They didn’t tell us why Dorothy clicked her heels did they? Did they ever tell us how she knew to click them three times? Hmmm, I’m knocking my head on the keyboard here, seems like I forgot that part of the movie. Or is it that I prefer the knowledge was intuitive???

  5. MWM: raising children….I am often so very cognizant of not putting on the blueprints, wanting them to soar according to their souls, not mine, but there are little ways I clip the wings anyway, because of my blueprints? I don’t know. I do know I want them to be as they are and know, it is more than good enough, it is a miracle. Peace to you for your words.

  6. Sue Ann:

    Greetings. Freedom to choose. I agree. I choose, most often, to be quiet, because that is who I am at essence and when I am quiet I remember myself as the young child that carried books everywhere, hiding from conversation, lost in imagination, not knowing it was “imagination” believing my thoughts real.

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