State Senator Ernie Chambers Sues God (Channel 7, Omaha, Nebraska) reports:  “State Senator Ernie Chambers Sues God“.

The article, in part, reports the following:

Chambers lawsuit, which was filed on Friday in Douglas County Court, seeks a permanent injunction ordering God to cease certain harmful activities and the making of terroristic threats.

The lawsuit admits God goes by all sorts of alias, names, titles and designations and it also recognizes the fact that the defendant is ‘Omnipresent’. In the lawsuit Chambers says he’s tried to contact God numerous times, ‘Plaintiff, despite reasonable efforts to effectuate personal service upon Defendant (“Come out, come out, wherever you are”) has been unable to do so.'”

Plaintiff Chambers seeks to permanently enjoin God from creating disasters here on Earth.

This is definitely a case worth following.



6 thoughts on “State Senator Ernie Chambers Sues God

  1. What an idiot – yes, he might be trying to make a point but what he’s doing is friviously wasting taxpayers’ monies. I’d toss him some stiff fines if I was the judge.

    Peace today.

    ~ RS ~

  2. It’s ironic you wrote this. When I posted this piece I did it more because the thought of suing God made me laugh. After I posted it, I was thinking maybe I should have written a bit more. The opening of the article actually addressed your point:

    State Sen. Ernie Chambers is suing God. He said on Monday that it is to prove a point about frivolous lawsuits.

    “Chambers said senators periodically have offered bills prohibiting the filing of certain types of suits. He said his main objection is that the constitution requires that the doors to the courthouse be open to all.

    “Thus anybody can file a lawsuit against anybody — even God,” Chambers said.”

  3. At least the movie, The Man Who Sued God, had a point in putting insurance companies on notice. I guess the Senator missed that item.

  4. Interesting way to get into the spotlight for a few moments. If this motion helps to bring to light frivulous law suits, than that is a good thing.

  5. The question becomes: who is the gatekeeper, and is the gatekeeper keeping the gate for all of humanity?

    Frivolity wastes our time in most circumstances. The question is: who determines frivolity? and when does frivolity in fact enrich us?

    Frivolous suits, those brought out of anger to defame without care to merit, are heart breakers for all involved.

  6. That gatekeeper must have been taking a break when it came to the suit brought against McDonald’s for having hot coffee. Hot coffee is HOT, just as a can of cashews contains CASHEWS.

    Since when has ‘stupid’ been a protected group?

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