Bloggers Against Abuse

I have been thinking about blogging against abuse since this goal was brought up by RubyShooz.

I was thinking of the importance of not participating in self-abuse.  In honoring ourselves despite or because of everything and thereby making us less susceptible to the abuse of others.

I was also thinking that when we don’t participate in self-abuse against ourselves, we are less likely to emotionally abuse and manipulate others.  Sometimes our internal negative thoughts become our blueprint and then we manifest or create a perception of what others do to us that is wrong, then we justify our response, and so on and so on.  It becomes circular and we erode not only the love within us, but the love within others.

So simply, don’t abuse yourself.  Look upon yourself as the gift you are, unique, one of a kind, and smile that you are you.


8 thoughts on “Bloggers Against Abuse

  1. I couldn’t agree more, S.E. 🙂 Fabulous piece and one that I can relate to very much. Thank you for spreading the LOVE!

  2. All of you shine your light and share your love and enrich us…thank you for that. I first was going to blog about children and was on the fence between the two topics until I clicked on Ruby’s site and saw she addressed the critical need to be awake and guard and guide the children.

    Bless you all. Love.

  3. SE, Thank you so much for your take on this. This is wonderful and it’s something that not alot of people think of I believe.

    Very good and thank you. We must learn how to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others, eh?

    Much peace and beauty to you today.

    ~ RS ~

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