Sponge Bob on Imagination

Sponge Bob speaks to Patrick, telling him with imagination, you can be anything you want to be.

Sponge Bob says I-Mag-In-A-Tion, drawing the word out wide, lifting his arms above his head, with a sparkly rainbow appearing.

Patrick becomes mesmerized when Sponge Bob says you can be anything you want to be and Patrick says:

“A starfish!”

Squidword says:

“You already are a starfish.”

Patrick says:

“See, it really works.”

Just a simple matter of perspective………..


7 thoughts on “Sponge Bob on Imagination

  1. spongebob always offers some great words of wisdom. He reminds me of the definition of the fool in the tarot deck.
    I love that show… Poor squid, never can make things work the way sponge bob and patrick can.. hahaha

  2. Hah! This brought a big smile to my face. It sure does help when our fondest dreams include being true to ourselves. Sponge Bob and Patrick are two of my favorite gurus.

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