Blue Solar Water, Dewdrop & Ho’oponopono

Listen, who knows, right?

To date, I have yet to find a can upon the shelves that has claimed to contain all of the answers.

I have not yet been force fed to see this world in only one way.

So tonight, I lift back the curtain of our existence and introduce…

Blue Solar Water & “Dewdrop”.

I lead you to the page where I found some source documents that I enjoyed, now, it is your turn.

You see, I believe in magic, and I for one am going to enjoy this journey looking from out beyond the edges of the box….stop back if you find anything of interest you would like to discuss.




More perspectives:

Indigo Rising 

Graceful Presence Blogspot 


7 thoughts on “Blue Solar Water, Dewdrop & Ho’oponopono

  1. It’s interesting, I read the post on indigo rising.
    And how the person explains ho’oponopono sounds like what I have heard other ‘pagans’ say is sympathetic magic. i make that mention because at this time I’m still defining my path. And I’m finding a lot of similarities in everthing, but with different ways of accomplishing the same t hing. It’s fascinating.

    thank you for this post…

  2. Great excellent links. Thanks so much. I liked all the blue ice, dewdrop and pillar of peace —a bunch of good links there, this is great.

    Peace today.

    ~ RS ~

  3. (((Sibbia! ))) Wonderful to see you stop in…white light meditations? Sounds very healing.

    (((Sorrow 11))) truly 1,000 times a day? If so, how wonderful, you must do that as naturally as breathing!

    (((ScarletBegonia))): I too am still looking at different paths and agree with you, there are so many similarities leading to the same. What intrigues me most is the use of light and love for healing. I imagine a world where everyone is healed and we live on a different vibrational level. What pure joy!

    (((RubyShooz))): I will be posting more on this, I’m learning myself but am entranced with the power of water and the power of love. I also read up on Dr. Emoto’s work with water and healing with the use of water (Hado). Peace to you today, I imagine sending white healing light.

  4. Nice! Loved “pillar of peace I” and “dewdrop.” Thank U for the links. Look forward to more on this. I also read Dr. Emoto’s “Messages from Water.” The photos showing the changes in the water crystals produced by words or music, are beautiful.

  5. Greetings MotherWinterMoon. There is an almost quiet otherworldly music which plays as I read this information. You know what I love best? That love is the key. Peace to you tonight.

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