There is no point in resisting the passage of time.

It will not stop. It will not recognize our resistance.

The only thing that can change is our perception of time.


3 thoughts on “Time

  1. Time indeed marches on, immune to our wishes and plans, yet still we are compelled to live our days as if we can slow it down or hold a reserve of hours, days, years even, for some later chore, a family trip, a new career, or simply private moments to share love.

    Then, on those occasions when we are faced with the cold realization that we are out-of-time or too-late for this and that, we again imagine the impossible, to go back in time promising that it would all be different this “time” around.

  2. Clear thoughts again Surface Earth. In so many ways about the only thing we can change is our perception but that’s a big thing actually.

    T.P. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be different for me should I go back in time. What has happened in my life has helped me to be the me I am today – and I like this me very much.

    Wishing y’all peace today.

    ~ RS ~

  3. T.P.: your words are poetic and recognize our unfailing addiction to time as mortals.

    Ruby: Yes….you know don’t you? Perception is the hardest thing to tackle. Peace be with you.

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