What is a “secret”?

A Google search, specifically: define secret, gives me a plethora of hits. I choose one, and will reprint here for you……………

Definitions of secret on the Web:

  • not open or public; kept private or not revealed; “a secret formula”; “secret ingredients”; “secret talks”
  • clandestine: conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods; “clandestine intelligence operations”; “cloak-and-dagger activities behind enemy lines”; “hole-and-corner intrigue”; “secret missions”; “a secret agent”; “secret sales of arms”; “surreptitious mobilization of troops”; “an …
  • unavowed: not openly made known; “a secret marriage”; “a secret bride”
  • communicated covertly; “their secret signal was a wink”; “secret messages”
  • not expressed; “secret (or private) thoughts”
  • hidden: designed to elude detection; “a hidden room or place of concealment such as a priest hole”; “a secret passage”; “the secret compartment in the desk”
  • privy: hidden from general view or use; “a privy place to rest and think”; “a secluded romantic spot”; “a secret garden”
  • confidential: (of information) given in confidence or in secret; “this arrangement must be kept confidential”; “their secret communications”
  • something that should remain hidden from others (especially information that is not to be passed on); “the combination to the safe was a secret”; “he tried to keep his drinking a secret”
  • indulging only covertly; “a secret alcoholic”
  • information known only to a special group; “the secret of Cajun cooking”
  • mysterious: having an import not apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence; beyond ordinary understanding; “mysterious symbols”; “the mystical style of Blake”; “occult lore”; “the secret learning of the ancients”
  • mystery: something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained; “how it got out is a mystery”; “it remains one of nature’s secrets”
  • the next to highest level of official classification for documents
  • Secrecy is the practice of sharing information among a group of people, which can be as small as one person, while hiding it from people not in the group. That which is kept hidden is known as the secret. Secrecy is often controversial. …
  • secret is the fourth studio album released by Japanese Pop singer Kumi Koda, released on February, 2005. … (album)
  • Secret (Greta Hayes) is a fictional character, a superheroine in the DC Comics universe. (comics)
  • The Secret (Latin: Secreta, oratio secreta) is the prayer said in a low voice by the celebrant at the end of the Offertory in the Mass. It is the original and for a long time was the only offertory prayer. … (liturgy)
  • Secret is a South Korean television drama produced by the MBC in 2000. It was first broadcasted in South Korea from September 2000 to November 2000. It has a total of 18 episodes. (TV series)
  • “Secret” is a song recorded by American rock band Heart. It was released as the fourth and final single from the band’s tenth studio album Brigade. (Heart song)
  • “Secret” was the first single taken from Madonna’s 1994 album Bedtime Stories. It was released in September 1994 and became a top ten hit around the world. (Madonna song)
  • “Secret (Take You Home)” is an pop song written by a collection of songwriters for Minogue’s ninth studio album Body Language (2003). The song was produced a promotional single release in the beginning of 2004 in Taiwan. … (Take You Home)
  • Secret is Ayumi Hamasaki’s eighth studio album produced by Max Matsuura. It was released on November 29, 2006. (Ayumi Hamasaki album)
  • Portion of the input block to the SHA-1 calculation that is known only to participants in a Service. The participants include the User Tokens and the Service Control Unit. (see Unique Authentication Secret, Master Signing Secret)
  • From the Greek “Esoterikos”. The term was first applied to the private instructions and doctrines of Pythagoras, taught only to a select number of his pupils and not intended or designed for the general outer body. Opposed to exoteric or public.
  • These sayings are said to be secret. Eternal life comes through their correct interpretation.”
  • I like best this definition….kept secret or not revealed.

    Not revealed.

    Doesn’t mean it does not exist, means it is not revealed, not dug up, not seen, not heard, not understood, perhaps forgotten.

    Now, how about…”The Secret”…is it the only one?

    I picked up a magazine called “Ode” the other week. The magazine was a complete suprise, I had no plans to buy it, rather, I arrived early for a work appointment and found myself in Whole Foods and picked up some different magazines, yes, I splurged.

    So I found the Ode and within it, I found an article entitled, “The Real Secret”.

    Again, this does not tell us the one and only secret, rather, it hints at that which is not revealed within the megablockbuster, The Secret.

    One of the issues within this article was the matter of blame.

    Oh, ok, maybe the author didn’t put it that way, my regular readers know though that that is an open issue for me in regard to the theories within The Secret.

    The article in part set forth:

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t think positively, or that we’re not interconnected. All I’m saying is it’s incorrect to use current physics research to validate these claims and it’s highly misleading to present them as the utimate truth, or the ‘Great Secret,’ of the universe. Such grand assetions give people a false sense ofhope.

    And, on the contrary, the claim that we create our own realities may also be unfair with respect to people who are ill or poor. The message of The Secret suggest they too are responsible for their own fate. Does this mean that the thousands in Bangladesh made homeless by floods are suffering because they did not have a positive vision?”

    The Real Secret, by Peter Russel, Ode Magazine, October 2007, Vol. 5, Issue 8.

    I think not.

    I do not know what the ultimate answer is in the Universe, it is only recently I began to learn we may not be from this universe after all…following compliments of

    “This same sense of shock came as scientists announced that the Sun, the Moon, our planet and its siblings, were not born into the familiar band of stars known as the Milky Way galaxy, but we actually belong to a strange formation with the unfamiliar name of the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy!

    How can this be?”


    The best thing we can know, is that we do not know.


    10 thoughts on “Secrets….

    1. This was a FANTASTIC post, S. E.!!

      I haven’t made any friends recently by voicing my own concerns about the Law of Attraction theory. Not only is it not truly a ‘law’ by any real scientific measures, we live in a complex and interwoven universe where everything effects everything. I think we can set people up for great disappointment, great shame and great futility when we put the teachings of LOA in a vacuum and say, “This is IT! The Truth!”

      The backlash has already begun. It’s good to be able to connect with another person who can think rationally for themselves…and is willing to say, “What do we REALLY know, anyway?”


    2. As you know I’ve tackled this at my cyberplace, citing the same thoughts, objections, and troubling aspects as the Ode author, Grace, and many other folks.

      I’m sticking with the Dalai Lama: “If you can, help others. If you cannot do that, at least do not harm them.

      Thank you for being here receiving, noting, observing, and sharing, Surface Earth.

      PS I guess we can start telling people we’re really from the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy now, presently residing on surface earth.

    3. I am smiling. Last sentence of your post says it all for me. One real secret might be learning to making peace with that.

      Although I too have posted on this, I like the angle and lens you used to look at the issue. You’re one of the most thoughtful and caring people I’ve ever met – in the cyber world or anywhere. So your thoughts on this are much appreciated. Agree that the Dalai Lama is one hip dude. There are more words that would make sense if we weren’t from the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy, but since we are, I will leave it at that. Nice post, SE.

    4. We’re not looking deep enough to be able to ‘see’ where the Creativity is going on. Most of us are afraid of Intimacy, thus our blindness to how we are attracting to us what we are.

      We imagine we’re radiating ‘love’ when we’re really radiating ‘doubts about it’.

      The ‘shift’ we’re going through, is bringing down all forms based on the very idea of being seperate. I simply illuminate that ‘secrecy’ is based on this idea of seperation. So is ‘privacy’. And ‘victimization’. All are illusions from a perspective of Unity. Which is the ‘new’ pattern of our Universe.

      We have trouble letting go of our attachments?

      Then in Mercy, Spirit sends us a hurricane or a tornado or some other event, where we appear ‘forced’ to let go of our attachments.

      Whatever kind of event we need, in order to grow, emotionally, in our emotional versatilty, in our emotional tenacity, in our emotional resilence, is what is being attracted to us.

      Our choice is to grow, or die trying to resist.

    5. (((Grace))) I think you have an inkling, that even in unraveling my questions, dare I say doubts, about, THE SECRET, I wish to do so with an attitude of oneness, finding the right, but revealing the unknown. At the end of day, I know that I don’t know. I know that when I awake, I take a moment to recognize the person I won’t see for the rest of the day and say thank you to the divine beings I believe in, and I say ok, so be it, so be it.

      (((Japan))) consider yourself so notified, sent you an S.E. mail to give you updates, site looks cool, but I don’t read Japanese much to my eternal regret and can’t find a translate button on your site!!!

      (((MWM))) Ah, again………………you know, you have been here from the start of this discussion, I cannot find a place to put the issue of “blame”. As if, I can’t “blame” someone in dire circumstances for not applying LOA to get them out of it. Instead, I wonder as our capacity as humanity to refuse to coalesce our knowledge into the handbook for all! Keep it rolling MWM, keep it rolling!

      (((Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie))) Thank you! My heart is beaming!

      ((( Sue Ann))) I so understand where you are coming from..ahem…excuse me…did I really suppose I know where anyone is coming from? I digress. What I mean is, I believe there is the origin of the beginning that we have all participated in, that all acts rippled therefrom, our arms waving as conductors to a song we could not hear…that I believe. What I truly do not believe in is blame. I do believe there are victims. I believe people suffer. I believe it is our collective will as earthlings to make it better for each other, to throw off the mantles, the cloaks, because sometimes words are just words, and hurt, well, that needs no word. Blessings to you tonight!

    6. Besides….haven’t you noticed?

      ‘Secrecy’ and ‘Honesty’ are contradictory concepts.

      A Honest Being cannot life in Integrity with ‘secrets’.

    7. “I do believe in victims” and that, sweet one, is what is keeping the victimization going. Belief IN IT, feeds it.

      I know I stick my neck out here, with so many women in attendance who’s reality is based on being ‘poor victims’. It’s because I CARE about the misery & suffering to stop, that I put aside what is thought and felt about me for saying it.


      What victims DON’T want, is accountibility and responsibility for conscious creation.

      There’s not a women here that hasn’t been abusive about the way we think about ourselves and, these thoughts and attitudes, have been reflected and mirrored back to us, over and over and over.

    8. Sue Ann:

      I wonder if I use the word the same way you do. I do believe there is a source, an origin, a beginning point where “victims” don’t exist (nor do aggressors and disasters!). I believe at that level the word is negated and any efforts to move humanity in that direction would be well spent.

      My issue, if you will, is with babies, children, loved ones, or perhaps ones not our loved ones the way Society presently uses the terms, but people, who are caught up in a cyclone of damage, grief and destruction. In my heart, I see them as undeserving of suffering and without blame. Maybe it is time to use a new word for that feeling I have, maybe the word “victim” cannot convey what I feel and wish to say.


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