Reservoirs of Love

Have you ever been there?

Deep down?

As far as you think you will land, in the ugly, smelly armpit of your own life?

Have you looked around and all you could see was what your heart never wished for?

Have you been there?

The only solution I have found is to not beat yourself up for arriving.

To breath, and breath again, and breath and breath and breath.

Set no agenda.

Have no immediate expectation.

Just meet yourself there, sitting cross-legged on the floor of the moment.

Wrap your arms around yourself.

If you can’t muster the courage, the strength to tell yourself I love you, then just breath.

There are those of us out here, unknown, saying we love you anyway.

We’re here.

We hear you.



7 thoughts on “Reservoirs of Love

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  2. I’ve been there for sure – spent quite a bit of time there actually and finally I heard you. Now I’m with you, saying, I love you, I understand you, and I’m there for you right along with millions of others.

    Thank you Surface Earth. I wish I had written this. I really do. I’ve said it, over and over to people but the way you’ve presented it here touched me deeply because I know.

    I love you too. Namaste.
    ~ RS ~

  3. It’s humbling to know I am in such good company. Powerful post, thank you…from the well of my being, thank you.

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