Quantum Teleportation

“…quantum teleportation involves the transmission not of actual matter, but rather of information.”

Hmmm, does that mean our “information” would then be duplicated or does it mean that we are only “information” in essence?

And what of the “classical teleportation” so integral to the adventures of Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Harry Potter? Will there ever come a time when actual people, rather than just the particles of which they are made up, will be able to beam from one place to another?

Charles Bennett believes that, in principle at least, it is perfectly feasible to teleport humans without violating any of the fundamental laws of physics. Not only that, but, also in principle, it could be done without resorting to the complexities of quantum entanglement.”

Now we’re talking!!!

Go to the source of the quotes above, not only may you find it fascinating but there is also a cool picture of our Star Trek friends………………

You know, Padre Pio was able to bi-locate……………………..



6 thoughts on “Quantum Teleportation

  1. This is fascinating 🙂 You always come up with the greatest topics.

    What is ‘information’, anyway? Units of energy which, when put together in specific ways and forms, communicates something?

  2. So was one of my oldest friends…able to bi-locate. {{SE}} it’s this ‘science’ that I’ve been studying or rather adventuring into for the past 33 years.

    ‘quantum’ is sensed and the ones of us most apt to be naturally attuned to it, are us women.


  3. Thanks for the topic SE.

    SueAnnE., Sounds very interesting that this is something you’ve been studying/adventuring into for so long. I guess I’m going to have to learn more about you.

    Much peace to all today.

    ~ RS ~

  4. ((((GRace))))….thank you. Information? The real definition or mine? Mine is…conveyable bits that we recognize.

    (((Sue Ann)))…I believe that is true. For many reasons, none of which I have the time to go into now and here, but yes, namaste.

    (((RubyRuby))))…ok then, waiting to see what you and Sue Ann dish out next……….


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