Pope John Paul II, appears within flames, some say, others laugh at the notion

Some are reporting that the late Pope John Paul II has appeared in the flames of a bonfire in Poland. Not sure if it’s correct to say within the flames, or that the flames of the bonfire have taken the shape of Pope John Paul II.

I tried copying two of the articles, the first one contained comments which I wasn’t interested in, not because they “dissed” the idea of such an occurrence, but the lack of brotherly love in the responses wasn’t something I was fond of…so, I went to another source and encountered technical difficulty posting the photo.

So instead, for whoever is interested in seeing the photographs, try the link below….


And, if you have the time, go to the link below, take the image and copy it over into a blank document, if you then highlight the photo as if to copy it, you get the reverse/darkened image….funny…you can see the image even better…

Daily Mail


4 thoughts on “Pope John Paul II, appears within flames, some say, others laugh at the notion

  1. Interesting. A few weeks ago my sister sent me a picture that was taken of an actual mountain in Malta. When you rotate the picture 180 degrees, it looks like the image of Jesus holding a child.

  2. Pope John Paul II was cut from a different cloth then our current Pope. There was a reason for his departure at the time he departed. He could not, in Honesty or Integrity, make the energetic shift in consciousness AND remain Prelate of the Catholic Church at the same time.

    For whatever reason, I would take as fact, the testimony of those who have seen him appear. It’s a matter of Resonance.

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