What’s wrong with Trump?

Trump, as a verb, is defined as to override.

I find this definition pleasing as I question: why would a man, seemingly on top and not within this world, feel the need to trash others?

Now, mind you, I’m doing the same thing right now….I have no excuses, I am setting out, baring my mental barrage.

Did you see the latest?

CNN reports that Mr. Trump took on Ms. Jolie.

Unfortunately for Mr. Trump, he waited until her back was turned. Um, poor sportsmanship perhaps?

I always kind of looked askance when people said money doesn’t buy happiness, wondering if they had truly ever been without it at a point in their lives when they no longer see the lottery tickets flashing in the future?

Now, well, I can see, in this case, money sure can breed misery. Then again, maybe some are miserable with or without.

I wonder, is it time to update the Rock’em Sock’em Robots game?


4 thoughts on “What’s wrong with Trump?

  1. “I wonder, is it time to update the Rock’em Sock’em Robots game?”

    Hahahaha! I love the imagery. Also reminds me of that mechanical Boxing Nun. May be time for her to make a comeback too! Did you ever see one?

    Trump is such a puzzle to me. I don’t especially like his waaaay bigger than life personna or architecture, but I have good reason to believe there is a side to him we don’t get to see – a decent, caring side. (I only say this because of the charitable donations and many loyal employees he has – and one in particular I once knew who was a lovely man and admired Trump greatly.)

    And yet…with all he has – more than most people could ever dream of – for some reason he still feels the need to come out and do battle in public (and I assume private) by picking on people – often women. And to me, this man who is all about bigness, comes off small and nasty when he does things like this – despite the good parts of him that may be there.

    It just shows us money is money and people are people. He was this way when he went bankrupt and he is this way when he’s rich. In the end, it’s about the individual – no matter what his/her bank statement looks like. Money doesn’t cleanse our spirits or give us a fast-track on the road to personal growth. It might even divert us from some of those goals. But on the other hand, Trump never has to worry about how to pay his next month’s rent or whether his kids get to see a doctor.

    And yet with all his security and access to anything money can buy, Trump still appears to have his own demons to wrestle with. Each of us does, I guess. And so yes indeed, SE… the Rock’em Sock’em Robots and/or Boxing Nuns could provide a much more sensible way to deal with our demons! (And just imagine if we could use them to replace war…but that’s another post all together.)

  2. Hah! I could have sworn I was digesting yours. (-;

    I think if I had never cyber-met you or some of the other wise bloggers I visit, I would have happily called Trump a selfish megalomaniac and left it at that. It’s not that I didn’t already understand things like perspective and believe there is good in everyone, but I often resorted to the easy snap judgment when it came to someone with a tough public persona like Trump.

    You and the others have helped me learn to look with different eyes. Uh…I’m still working on Cheney. A little harder for me with that one. Might need new glasses. (-;

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