If I had to bottle up my love,

could I?

would I?

could I find the pieces to fit within dimensions?

Lock into the one huge smile,

the laughter from the belly,

the sheer joy stretched across

the face

of this otherwise

immortal being.

Could I?

Could I take the time,

I saw you as a child,


fully grown,

needing me,

holding onto you,

when you were scared and unable to ask?

Would that be the moment I choose,

to put within the glass,

to hold it,

take it out,

savor it, remind me of love?

Would I take the time, another, her hair falling across her forehead,

looked at me,

the giver of birth,

with love undefined?

Would I take that and shove it

within confines?

Would I know,

when asked,

when pushed,

that it was and has always been,

love without limits,

crystalized in moments,

not diffusing,

simply highlighting?


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