Tag! I’m it…………the ABC’s about me.

Grace just dropped in and hit me with a meme. (note to self, look up word).

Seeing as Grace has her hands full in CA and managed to do this, and I keep deleting all the posts I put up after 12 hours and have no burning desire to write about anything post-worthy….her timing could not have been more magnificent.

Here’s how she started:

Thanks to Takeshi over at Nakayima for tagging me for a fun Meme. Using the letters of the alphabet, I’m supposed to let you all in on some little known factoids about moi. 🙂 along with posting The Instructions, and then tagging a few more of you myself. So here goes.

First, the legal stuff:

The instructions say that each player starts with some random facts/habits about himself/herself. As you are tagged you need to post the rules and your responses on your own blog. At the end of your post, you need to choose some people to tag, list their names and, of course, leave them a comment, telling they have been tagged and they need to read your blog for more information.”

A: will always be for apple, sheer joy when I see the letter with the picture and for those that I love more than life.

B: Benevolence: because I like it as a path

C: Cat: because I can still spell it after all of these years…oh ok, I love C because it is the beginning of the names of some of those I love dearly with “forever love”

D: Dog, tough, I’m still proud I can spell it and it’s God backward

E: Empathy

F: Family

G: God

H: Home

I: Illuminate, I strive to illuminate my forgotten knowledge

J: Joy, I adore it

K: well, K again is special because I love someone that starts with K

L: Love. Love heals all.

M: Mom, in so many different ways, how can M not be important?

N: Nonsense. I love moments of pure, silly, random nonsense. Dancing down a street, snow angels in the snow, a bag of flour that falls on the floor and we draw pictures in it rather than yell, yes, pure nonsense.

O: …why is O difficult?  is it because I like to write/type at lightening speed and if something does not pop out immediately I move on?  I’ll have you know, I first left O blank.  Then I didn’t feel right about leaving O there alone.  Kind of like as a kid I had zillions of stuffed animals and each had a name and I had to say goodnight to each and every one of them.  Oh!  I have it now:  Oneness!!!!!

P: Play, I love toys, old tin toys, block and wood toys, just toys.

Q: OOOOOO, quiet, I love quiet and peaceful moments, the kind that seem limitless.

R: Racing. I love watching ski racing.

S: Silence. I love learning its value.

T: Trees, loved to climb as high as I could as a kid, liked the view and being uninterrupted.

U: Unicorn, because I still believe.

V: Violin, always wanted to be able to play one.

W: water, I adore water, swimming in it, watching it crash, seeing the sun rise over it, hear it playing music against the rocks in a slow moving creek.

X: Huh?

Y: yes, my favorite, y, y, y…oh that would be w, wouldn’t it?

Z: sleeping, ZZZZZ, on a sweet summer afternoon.

I call on:


Ruby (tempting her procrastination of course)


Sorrow 11

Peace out.


10 thoughts on “Tag! I’m it…………the ABC’s about me.

  1. 🙂 When I tagged a few people, I kept in mind those that they interact with regularly – knowing the circle keeps expanding. That’s why I chose to tag some people that aren’t normally ‘seen’….


    Great stuff, S.E. : Love heals ALL

  2. My thoughts were I’m not seen as a tag person by my cyberfriends, which I’m actually not, although I’ve never mentioned that. Hence the hmmm…

    Mamma Moon doesn’t mean anything “bad” by hmmm….

    I always find it interesting to see how we’re perceived, and how accurate it is or is not.

    SE, I’m making an exception this time though! I’m getting there, just takes me awhile.

  3. 🙂 I knew you didn’t mean anything bad, MWM! I thought you maybe were feeling left out!

    I didn’t see you as a “tag” person either…kinda like ToBeMe (Mark)! I guess that’s just because I never saw either of you take up the Tag before! lol


  4. I love the hmmmmm…………..you guys are making me laugh!

    Funny enough, the only one I thought would go for the tag was Sorrow11, but she had already been tagged.

    Maybe I was just saying “hey” to the rest of you.

    I’m not a tag girl either, but, there are times when I jump in, because, for me, the particular tag works and you know what? I enjoyed Grace’s ABC’s, got me thinking and laughing, both which are always Heaven Sent!

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