Autism Speaks: What Kind of World Do You Want?

Take a moment, just a click, video on children. I received an email:

Autism Speaks, a sponsoring organization for the Autism Awareness campaign created a music video of the Five for Fighting song, “World”, which features images of autistic children and their families. It is a truly moving video and was the work of their Creative Director, Bill Shea.

The band is generously donating $0.49 to Autism Speaks for each time the video is viewed. When you have a moment, please visit the link below to watch the video and pass it along to your friends and family. They are aiming for 10,000 hits, but hopefully we can help them to surpass this goal.

What Kind of World Do You Want?

Pass it on please.


9 thoughts on “Autism Speaks: What Kind of World Do You Want?

  1. The song is good. The musicians have their heart in the right place.

    But Autism Speaks … well, it would be best if people actually researched what they really stand for when it comes to dealing with or helping autistic individuals.

    Dr. Karen McCarron was recently found guilty of killing her autistic daughter.

    Source #1:
    Source #2:

    Supposedly — according to Ms. McCarron — she was ‘inspired’ by the Autism Speaks video “Autism Every Day” and the comments made in that video by Allison Tepper Singer, Senior Vice President of Communications and Awareness, regarding Singer’s own thoughts of murdering her autistic daughter because she was autistic.

    Autism Speaks in fact still has legal issues pending with Lauren Thierry who produced the “Autism Every Day “video as she has not been paid for her commissioned work.

    Source #1:
    Source #2:,2933,278814,00.html

    And now the latest (February 2008), Autism Speaks used intimidation tactics via their lawyers to threaten a 14-year-old autistic child who was exercising her First Amendment Rights under the American Constitution by parodying the Autism Speaks site and their articles which are insulting to autistics and the lives autistics live.

    Source #1:

    In the Autism Speaks official video for “What Kind Of World Do You Want” it states “[quote] autism speaks wants a world where autism is a word in the history books [end quote].”

    Medical research by the Autism Genome Project wherein 137 medical researchers, 50 medical centres and 9 countries along with 1,600 families where at least one child had been diagnosed with autism has proven that autism is genetic.

    The only way to have a world where autism is a word in the history books is to revisit the tactics used in Nazi Germany against certain groups of individuals who were seen as being less than perfect more than half a century ago.

    Support autism organizations by all means but know which autism organizations are actually doing something to help individuals and families living with autism.

  2. Raven:

    Welcome. I appreciate the time you have spent compiling this information. Please note due to the multiple links within your comment, your comment was held up for approval before it could be posted.

    I added this post as it came to me, from a close friend of a Mom, whose child is autistic and was of course looking for people to join in to what should be an altruistic effort to help children. Do you have organizations you have knowledge of that are in fact beneficial? If so, kindly consider posting a comment with such information if time allows for you.

    I will of course review the information you have graciously offered here. My heart breaks at the loss of any child, for any reason.

    Peace to you.

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