Faith. The sound of the word is pleasing, like a gentle breeze on a Spring Day, it surrounds us if only for a moment.

Sometimes, when I am having doubts about faith, because I have let anger, resentment, frustration or hopelessness stand in place, I find a mantra, it doesn’t truly matter which one. Sometimes it is a prayer from childhood, repeating the Hail Mary over and over again within me until the space I kept reserved for my negative emotion is replaced with peace. Sometimes I just breath the word God in and out.

I don’t know whether faith is a choice or a long forgotten memory for many. I know I have to spend more time fighting faith than convincing myself of it.

I believe in a multitude of paths to divinity, to the universe, to all that we have forgotten as humanity.

I believe the birds do in fact speak to us with their movements. I believe there are other dimensions around us at all times, energy and spiritual forces, that exist whether we believe or don’t believe. I believe that faith can in fact heal all, the struggle of remaining open to such power is what very often creates the resistance as if insurmountable waves.

This morning, I am thankful for faith and for the opportunity to see beyond the parameters within each moment.

Journey on.


3 thoughts on “Faith

  1. ” faith is an oasis in the soul, that can never be reached by the caravan of thinking” Gibran, This is what your post made me think of…a wonderful post, a wonderful place to be. I have passed an award your way, Please come by and get it!

  2. I have mush faith in the seen and unseen. We are indeed surrounded by forces that we cannot see, however they are there none the less. We simply must be open to them. Faith is like a radio wave, we can’t see it, can’t even prove it exists until we turn on the receiver.

  3. (((Sorrow 11))): You are a wonderful soul. What a gorgeous piece you have left for me, an award? I blush, it’s my first blog award! I’m gonna dance.

    (((To Be Me))): What a joy to see you back! Lovely. I appreciate your profound thoughts. Peace to you.

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