God Grew Tired of Us


I often speak of the space between words, but know not how to describe it in words, it is emotive. It is silent; yet, full.

I watch this evening: God Grew Tired of Us.

I again affirm, there is silence between words, and there, we may yet find humanity.

God be with you.

(Thanks to MotherWinterMoon, we have posted the trailer below)

God Grew Tired of Us Trailer


5 thoughts on “God Grew Tired of Us

  1. Good movie to watch with friends and/or family on Thanksgiving. A potent reminder of how much we have to thankful for and the benevolence towards others connected to Thanksgiving.

    Did you see the Lost Boys of Sudan? Came out in ’03 I believe. Excellent. Heart-wrenching and compelling.


    If you want, you can embed the trailer to God Grew Tired of Us in a post…it’s a great trailer.


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