Why do we work so hard to keep our eyes closed?

That’s what I thought when I read an article on CNN regarding a former Governor speaking out about his experience.  Now, because it is a politician, it grabs attention, not because a politician is more credible, simply due to the fact that one speaks out at all on anything that could cause a loss of votes.

CNN, The Governor & the UFO 


6 thoughts on “UFO

  1. I’ve never believed in UFOs but I sure enough do believe in government coverups and this was yet another one of them in my opinion.

    Just my two cents.

    Thanks for being here, I’ve missed you and wanted to add a long overdue hello. I’m slowly trying to make the rounds but it really has been slow.

    Much love and peace to you today – and every day.

    ~ RS ~

  2. I think the whole topic of UFOs is fascinating. Your post is directly on point.

    Why all the government effort to not see, not ask, not think, and not discuss? Maybe they think we can’t take it? Take what? We discuss many things that can’t be proven scientifically… God for one. Will there be riots in the streets if we openly talk about something that doesn’t exist? I doubt it. So then…why the cover up? Is it because these UFOs are really secret military devices we can’t discuss. Maybe. Or is it because there really is something out there?

    I have no idea. But I always side on getting things out in the open and letting people conclude what they want to. It’s funny how our government supports the free market economy but not the free market of ideas. But I can’t fault them alone. It seems to have always been the way. What we fear, we so often try to keep secret. So why is this something we fear so much if it isn’t real?

    Nice thought-provoking piece as always, SE.

  3. My friends: I watched “Independence Day” again last night, I’m kinda hoping no aliens are lurking. Peace and joy and longevity to you on this and all the days that follow.

  4. Oh…I just remembered that the first time I read this post the other day, and clicked the link, I spent the next hour looking up stuff on UFOs and aliens! LOL

    My hope is, that when they show themselves, it will be to save us from ourselves…and not to be around to pick up after us…

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