Sometimes words must only be what we feel.

Not what is expected.

That’s not to mean we don’t have responsibility with our words.

Rather, it means we have responsibility with our words to ourselves, to not self-edit to the point of expectation.  I never have problem with editing to ensure that there is no intended harm, the harm that ensues though, unintended, is what I speak of….words which pour from us unheeded; yet, on second glance, could have a separate disparate impact on an unintended audience.

You see, I am a believer, a follower of the unedited.  I write, save to correct typos most of the time, but I write with my heart and or soul pouring onto the page.

There are times I do not.

I throw out an article, knowing how I feel about it, but not setting it forth, because for some inexplicable reason it is more important for me to see how you feel.

So welcome.

I treasure your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Words

  1. I once attended a retreat where one speaker said, “I would rather walk around taking my foot out of my mouth than trying to pry my head out of my ass.”
    I thought it was funny, but also very honest. I love the heart I hear in your words…

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