May God Forgive Us: Sisters and Brothers Unite

I know not what to say.

Young women, victims of dominance, punished?

Saudi Arabia, Female Victim

There is no true distinction in the flow of humanity. It is only perceived illusion. Division is only what we have determined as Society, as Society, we have the power to un-determine.

Are you kidding me? In an unrelated male’s car? Is that the same as the American version that her skirt was too short, she “asked for it”?

Ok, ok, I’m not even close to being done here.

Look inside brothers and sisters, we must treat each other better.




There are no better words.

The lawyer was allegedly stripped of his license to practice law as a result of filing an appeal on the woman’s, (YOUNG woman’s behalf).

You’re kidding me right, a lawyer doing the right thing gets censured and has no recourse to earn a living, to obtain food and housing?

I’m steaming.  (I am not sure whether that is good or bad that I am steaming over this.   I’m not sure that throwing more anger out into the universal energy field is smart, that maybe it simply accelerates negativity and abusive behavior and it would be better to channel the anger into healing prayers.  Alas, I have brought this anger onto the pages here.  I may now try the prayer route.)

Update:  CNN


9 thoughts on “May God Forgive Us: Sisters and Brothers Unite

  1. Oh my god! This is so unbelievably awful in way too many ways. I hadn’t seen this before. Just unimaginable to those of us living here. Appreciate your letting us know about this. If only we could do something to help. At the very least, it’s important that Saudi Arabia with its overly close ties to our country (also in oh so many ways) hear our outrage!

    Thank you for posting. I share your horror.

  2. Thank you. I have more to say but I can’t today, not now. Yes, it’s about me going through some extreme circumstances and this isn’t the right time for me to speak on this subject.

    I love you for doing so now though.

    Love always and prayers for this girl and for our world.

  3. Misogyny is alive and thriving. It is horrifying to know of the atrocities committed against women simply for being women. Hate is learned behavior.

    Although there’s room for improvement in our own cities and communities, we are immeasurably blessed to be live here, in this country, here in this place.

    The genital mutilations, tortures, and persecutions of women in other parts of the world deprived of the most basic human rights, makes that one blessing one that I never forget.

    Thank you for your loVe and awareness, SE. Your outrage is caring in the deepest sense of the word.

  4. I share your outrage surface earth, I light a candle for peace, for understanding.
    Have you ever read the book Gibbons rise and fall by Sheri Tepper? Every time I see something like this it brings me back to this book and what can be done to stop the horrors done to women.

  5. 😦

    I don’t know what to say.

    Until all of us are free, none of us are free.

    Thank you for bringing this up, S.E. I send thoughts and prayers into the ethers, that true Freedom and Healing would come to all.


  6. In Oklahoma City is an Air Force base that is home to AWAC Squadrons. I had many chances to talk with those who had been to the Middle East, as one squadron is on lookouts in the area at all times.

    The culture is vastly different. There is a lack of a lot of things we consider just plain essential.

    A man’s car ran into a store when he missed his turn…and the store owner was cited for puttin his store in a place where someone could run into it.

    I’ll be blunt. There is NO accountibility nor responsibility assumed for being emotionally Self Governing in these cultures. Self discipline is not cultivated, for religious authorites demand dominance in the area of ideas and decisions. People are not encouraged to learn HOW to think, just told WHAT.

    Now that’s lazy.

  7. The treatment directed towards women in these cultures is the same as the beliefs do to everyone emotionally. The beliefs themselves are abusive at their very core, so we see women abused as a reflection of it.

  8. What happened to that woman happened to all women. Indeed, as Grace said, until we’re all free, none of us are free — men and women.

    I think these horrific things that continue to happen to women and others are a reflection of what we are still holding within us. Things we don’t express, that we hide, deny…

    Women as a whole have been so horribly disrespected and harmed by this world, and that isn’t easily healed. We’ve been traumatized in a big way, by the abuse, the intolerable injustice, and then brainwashed into believing we’re deserving of no better, that we are lowly, bad, that we even created “sin” (Eve) …

    And yet, despite this trauma and all the wicked energy we hold inside because of it, we have to go on about the business of living. Suck it in, push it aside, pretend we’re okay…

    But that energy is still there, and it continues to build with each injustice put upon us, with each sexual harassment gesture we have to overlook, the abuse, the degradation … and with the knowledge that this male-oriented government feels more than justified in taking control of a woman’s body, not allowing her to make her own choices in that regard, not allowing her to even own/govern her own body.

    Women are hiding a lot of rage… And that energy within us is creating wicked things outside of us — our energy is very powerful.

    Most women still feel that it is somehow their fault when they are victimized in this way…and those feelings are powerful. They create our reality. What we see in this “dream” that is our existence here, is invariably a reflection of what is going on inside of us — the energy that is in the majority of us.

    Until women truly begin to deeply love and respect themselves, and to know the depth of their value and power, they/we will continue to manifest such horrors outside of us. This is the Universe endeavoring to speak to us, to tell us there is someting not right within us. Everything in a sleeping dream is alwasy about us. To grasp why such atrocities occur, think of this as a dream…

    When we truly heal ourselves, the world heals. The atrocities won’t stop on the outside until we cure them on the inside, within us. It’s all us.

    “Prayer” and meditation are crucial for our healing and discovering our power, our value, and to consequently learn to love ourselves. But that won’t cure the rage or the trauma — it won’t make it go away. Our energy (thoughts/beliefs) is very real. We have to allow that horrid energy to come up, that rage, that we’ve been carrying around for sooo many years. Let it come up and face it. That’s the real “Armagedon,” a battle that must happen within us before we can truly heal. Again, we heal, and the world heals. It won’t happen any other way.


  9. To all………………..

    thank you for commenting on what is an outrageous abuse, of course just one of so many in our world.

    i do agree all abuse starts so small, that maybe it builds from unkind words and gestures and the “negative” energy accumulates and is allowed and taken to be the normal state of things

    with that said, I too will pray and send out healing energy

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