Music, Words, Self, Share

Join me, start a song, type unbidden, let’s see where we are, the SurfaceEarth exchange


Across the sky

I stand



looking up

two birds come across

they wink at me

it no longer matters

I don’t need the sign

they were simply waking me up all of these months and years


across the top of the ocean

collective consciousness

I roll

Does it matter

that I now walk through walls


does it matter

did not achieve it on my own

Did I pick the right song

or the wrong one

did it pick me?

It’s slow beyond the triggers of my mind

I think the pauses between the words

between the melody

may be having me travel where I wouldn’t otherwise

“Oh God if you’re round there won’t you hear me…”

Maybe not such a bad choice

maybe not

I pat the head

of the girl I was

I smile at her

the thirty animals that circled her bed at night

the bag beneath her bed

in case

in case

there was a fire

I circle and embrace her

is this the worst that comes out of this two minute song?

How do we find where we have begun?

Song #2: Couldn’t resist, may be short……………

How do you describe

a smile

that starts from within?

How do you describe hope

that stands


the day?

How do you

How do you

How do you live the moment

when the past and the future

want to choke you?

How do you

How do you

How do you rise up

and glide

across the pond


of the moment?

How do you stand

a child

across a frozen ink of glass

against the stark

forgotten trees

of a town


a place within the town

even more forgotten

how do you carve yourself against the sky

to make yourself matter?

You glide

you breath

you put your arms out in front of you

whether you can


or not see

you put your fingers

your nerves

the warmth

of you against the sky and dare it



see you

****both background songs compliments of Sarah McLauchlan, her cd I bought playing in my home

Peace my brothers and sisters.

Try it.

Typing or drawing to music is freeing and brings us back to our origins.

May God bless you.


3 thoughts on “Music, Words, Self, Share

  1. I sing of silence
    All around

    Inspired by the sound
    I hear thoughts


    Until they too
    Fall silent.


    We are all one.
    At last.


    That one was just for you, SE. You know I’ve never been one to follow the rules and anyway I couldn’t hope to match the places your brain can fly to…but I wanted to play anyway.


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