Question on Health

I saw on NorthEastern, Channel Two News….an epidsode, an exchange with Hugh Downs and the author/protaganist of a book called: The World’s Greatest Treasurery of Health Secrets.

Sadly, the top hits I came across in my research all gave back negative “scam” infomercial information.

Yet, much of what I heard discussed on the program resonated with truth.



2 thoughts on “Question on Health

  1. Hey SE! From what I read doing my own google search, the scam talk is mostly twofold: (1) A lot of people had bad experiences with the company you order the book from. Personally, I stay away from places with bad business practices; I prefer companies I trust and try not to support companies with bad practices; and (2) People say the material is just a compilation of stuff most of us know already or that you can easily find on the internet. Some say the stuff is contradictory. Perhaps more of a synthesized packaging & marketing product than one of reliability? May be some useful things in it, but my gut tells me there are better, more reliable books out there! BTW…Hugh Downs is a paid representative, I believe, and not acting as an impartial interviewer.

    Hope you had a nice and restful Thanksgiving weekend! Namaste.

  2. Ronnie…..I like what you have said: staying away from businesses with bad practices. I caught it on the news quickly and wasn’t sure what it was about, the way it was presented was like magazine glossies popping up on the screen and I did not know Hugh Downs’ background or involvement.

    Thanks for the research! And much rest to you and peace, hope your Thanksgiving weekend was a good one. Namaste.

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