Food as a basic right

I don’t know when in the evolution of humanity food ceased being a basic right.  This thought came to mind when I was reading Ronnie’s Blog and she posted wonderful information and a reminder of how we can help others not knowing where their next meal is coming from.

It also reminded me of an advertisement I recently saw…Don’t Almost Give

I encourage everyone to take a minute when they can and read Ronnie’s post and check out Don’t Almost Give Organization.



3 thoughts on “Food as a basic right

  1. Thank you SO much for this post. I didn’t know about Don’t Almost Give. It’s WONDERFUL site and I will add it to my own post. You have a beautiful, caring heart SE. It’s an honor knowing you. Big Brooklyn Namaste to you!

  2. I’ve heard and been moved by the truth of the “Don’t Almost Give” ads. I hear them in my car, when listening to the radio, and always found them to be excellent nudges and reminders. Will check out the website, for sure.

    Off to read Ronnie Ann’s post! Thank you SE!

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