Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, or simply a time removed from the now we know, the humans began to be ruled by the being known as “It”.

“It” had all of the answers.

“It” determined how to live.

“It” held the power as to whether to grant or deny fevered prayers.

The people woke and worked and slept.

They managed to love, smile, cry, hug and laugh in times in between.

They didn’t notice slowly the less time spent beneath the Sun or the less time there was when they were exposed to the Sun.

They did not notice when time sped up despite what the clocks illuminated for them.

“It” on the other hand, watched everything with great mirth.  “It” sat back, hands folded on a large belly and peered beneath its folds, looking down at the “people”.

“The people have begun to ask too many questions,” said “It”.

“Give them ‘jobs'”.

“Give them ‘aspiration'”.

“Give them ‘hope'”.

Now that didn’t seem so bad, giving the people jobs, aspiration and hope.  No, not so bad at all.  The people went along with it, waking up and sinking into the parameters of their days without a thought.  Well, maybe one or two, but the rest of the words kept them so busy, they had to abandon their thoughts.

“It” chuckled, knowing it had just begun.


10 thoughts on “It

  1. I don’t know about “It” and is “It” spelled with a capital I ? I’ve always wondered. I wasn’t sure how to respond to this post and I’m still not sure if I should have said anything.

    I realize there are times when it’s best to just keep my mouth shut and let the it speak for me, or not.

    Mainly, I just wanted to say hello and that I’ve been thinking of you, missing you all.

    I am taking what little energy I have and going very slowly through my blogroll and trying to come around and say hello I’ve missed you all.

    Peace as always,


  2. Whooops…there It is! Tag, you’re It! Where It’s at. It’s a boy. It’s a girl. Cousin It(t). The It factor. Who is It? Say It isn’t so! You either got It, or you don’t. You don’t know what you’ve got till It’s gone. It’s just what I’ve always wanted.

    It has integrated Itself well into our figures of speech and phrases. Good plan!

    Last but not least…Thank you, SE, I love It!

  3. (((Jeques))): Thanks kindly for stopping in and for your lovely comment. If you have a blog, stop back and drop a link.

    (((Grace))): how telling, that’s exactly what I did too, stopped being busy for a moment and just let the thoughts go. Peace to you!

    (((Ronnie))): big smile……..thanks for the laugh!

    (((Ruby))): I am glad you came by…why not say something, you must realize even I don’t know why the words hit the page the way they did, don’t you??? 🙂 Peace and energy to you today.

    (((MWM))): cracking up here, wanted to break into a dance!

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