Dr. Suess & The Grinch

ok, ok…

Dr. Suess is on, his x-mas glory…………….

I’m a Christian by birth and habit………….

but I must say,

I’m a child by choice.

I just love how that sour old guy (The Grinch) travels up the mountain and back down and up and down and threatens to crash only to be saved by the innocent, never to be messed with gorgeous souls of the children.

I’m taking an Electronic Break, I just need to see The Grinch.

Peace to you tonight.

Healing Prayers.


9 thoughts on “Dr. Suess & The Grinch

  1. Frangelo::::::::

    Hear, hear indeed.

    I always have believed Mary was a Vixen.

    Thanks for the reminder during the commercial break.

    We will be checking your blog in return.


    and the Grinch put his hand to his ear…………..it came without packages……then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t thought of before…maybe Christmas comes from something…………….the Grinch’s small heart……………and now his heart that had once been so tight……………

    Ah, the beauty of Dr. Suess.

    Peace be onto you this evening.



  2. Wish I could figure out how to leave an image as a comment. I wanted to send you the painting i did for my neice, it’s of cindy lou hoo…
    “mr. santie claus why are you taking the tree?”

  3. Hi love, sorry I’ve been missing but you know me….it’s been a time. I’ve been trying to be nowhere and everywhere at the same time and it doesn’t work anywhere. 🙂

    Thank you for The Grinch but moreso for you. Much love as always and peace today and every day.

    ~ RS ~

  4. Ruby! You are never missing, you have a very powerful presence! I just go back and re-read some of your posts when you haven’t been able to write something new! Thankful for your posts also!!!

    Tobeme: Yes, unconditional love, even when he would’ve believed himself to have an impenetrable barrier to any love.


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