A moratorium on snarkiness…

This line was too delicious to resist, I had to take it and paste it above for all to enjoy. Have you figured out yet, it’s not my phrase?

The author, Lisa Kogan from “O, The Oprah Magazine,” wrote a mean piece, not just because of the priceless phrase: moratorium on snarkiness. I mean mean as in great, not mean as in-well, never mind.

It’s about parenting and her writing style is a riot. It also hits home having always been a working mom. (Love that phrase too, as if there are any unworking moms, or parents, out there. But I mean work as in work, leave the home, then come back and do everything you didn’t have time for during the day…).

Go give yourself a well earned laugh and head to CNN to enjoy her article fully. (Oh yeah, that’s my present to you!)



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