Dream of Endless Rainbows.

I had a dream last night of rainbows.

I was somewhere within the sky looking ahead and remember exclaiming at the beauty of the rainbow. At first, I thought it was only one, the secret upside down piece of rainbow I had seen in the sky recently. It was a day of huge bird activity, flying back and forth, swooping, playing, chattering, singing and I stood transfixed looking up and around and watching the birds lead me to find a piece of an upside down or backward rainbow in the sky. I thought of getting a camera but knew I would never forget.

So there I am in the dream last night, thinking, “Oh, there is that rainbow, I get to see it all now.” I looked more and saw it was not upside down and I was somehow standing across from it so that if I walked forward I would be within it’s half circle of light. Looking closer, I saw that there was another rainbow beyond, then another, then another. It occurred to me in my dream that I was dreaming and it was not the upside down rainbow.

I can still see it now with my eyes open. (No, I don’t understand how I can be typing and still have such a real visual image somewhere on my mental or spiritual horizon.)

Part of me believes there were four rainbows and I was going somewhere. I remember a feeling of such great elation. I wonder though if the dream stopped, if I had become too much back into my daily self and there were more than four rainbows, if in fact they were endless.


6 thoughts on “Dream of Endless Rainbows.

  1. Rainbows have the power to elicit such strong emotional and spiritual responses that resonate within us down to our cores….I’m sure it represents “something”….and when you find out, I do hope you’ll share your insight…….

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhh holyyy Cowpies, Batgirl!!!!

    This is amazing…

    “4” is a DOORWAY…a gateway of sorts

    Rainbows, symbolically, represent DIVINE PROMISE after the stormy periods of life: “To see a rainbow in your dream, signifies much hope, success and good fortune in the form of money, prestige, or fame. The rainbow is a bridge between your earthly, grounded self and the higher, spiritual self. For lovers to see a rainbow, symbolizes overwhelming happiness from their union.”

    So I’m seeing this ‘dream’ as an indication from Spirit that you are entering the Gateway to being WITHIN unlimited Promise and Possibility!!

  3. Morgan: what a pleasure to see you here. Wish I could describe the dream better: I may just try later!

    Grace ahhh….4s……I didn’t even think of that: I hope to visist this dream again: it was if I had a bird’s view of the rainbows yet I was not separate from them. Odd and just so lovely. More on that later. Funny-was going to ask what some of you thought of the new look-I don’t yet have your panache with style but I am getting help with the new improved SE store (updates not yet released) then I will perhaps get some divine help with the vision for this site!

  4. Hi there, beautiful story, came across your site as I had a dream recently with four rainbows as well and wanted to see if was actually possible in reality. I remember the same feeling of joy and new beginnings… indeed my rainbow dream as marked the start of a wonderful transition in my life.
    Katy x

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